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Are You Really Getting OEM Grade Filters?

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Despite claims to the contrary, not all replacement filters are made from the same materials as the original manufacturer filters. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) stock filter cartridges from the big names in the business are made from single layer trilobal media.

The folded portion of the filter may look the same on one filter as it does on the next, but the truth is that the material itself is either a single layer or several layers that have been pressed together. Single layer is generally preferred as it maintains its integrity for longer and is easier to clean. The trilobal portion of the material name refers to the fact that the fibers have a triangular shape. This fiber shape lends itself to added strength and endurance. 

However, despite these key differences, distinguishing one type of filter from another requires some knowledge. Single layer media looks strong and durable, much like a cotton or silk woven fabric. In contrast, point-bonded media (the most common other option) has the same type of texture/look as a paper towel.

Due to its layered construction, point-bonded media filters can hold more debris when they are new. The big downside is that this type of filter is not easily cleaned all the way through, so it gets clogged up much more quickly and, therefore, needs to be replaced more often.

Filbur cartridge filters are made from quality single layer trilobal media, just like OEM grade filters. Reach out to your Alpha West pool manufacturer representative at to talk about Filbur or any of our other exceptional manufacturers. 

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