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Bull’s ReliaBULL™ Technology Eliminates Grilling Cold Spots

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Cooking on a gas grill can be a challenge, especially when the food ends up half-cooked due to cold spots. Up to 50 percent of the cooking surface on a typical gas grill can fail to reach standard cooking temperatures. That means that half of a grill doesn’t even do its job properly. Not only does this result in unappetizing meals, but it can also lead to health risks such as food poisoning. Bull® Outdoor Products has tackled this issue head-on with their ReliaBULL™ Technology. 

Bull is committed to revolutionizing the outdoor kitchen equipment industry with their unwavering dedication to innovation. Their relentless research in the grill industry has enabled them to make significant advancements, including their latest cutting-edge technology — ReliaBULL. 

By partnering with California Polytechnic State University’s engineering experts, Bull created a game-changing technology that ensures evenly distributed heat across the grill’s surface, eliminating unreliable heating. In fact, it improves heat distribution by 250 percent.


ReliaBULL technology


ReliaBULL Flame Tamers are state-of-the-art cast stainless steel bar burners with advanced baffle technology that ensures hot and even heat distribution along the full length of the burner. By incorporating cleverly designed smaller and larger holes in the burners, this technology balances the gas pressure and ensures even flames along the entire length of the burners. This revolutionary advancement unlocks the full potential of the grill, opening up the entire surface for even cooking.

The single-piece dual-lined hoods keep the heat trapped, while the solid stainless steel cooking grates provide unbeatable durability and easy maintenance. Plus, with individual friction-based Piezo igniters, grillers can start up the grill with just the push of a button. And Bull grills are built to last a lifetime, and can easily be installed into one of the premier Bull Outdoor Kitchens for a backyard upgrade that’s hassle-free and high-end. 

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