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CCH® Elite Offers Accurate, Reliable Sanitizing for Commercial Pools

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Those who provide commercial pool services require precise and efficient tools to maintain their schedule and build their reputation. The CCH® Elite Feeder System is just such a tool, offering reliable sanitizing for commercial pools.

Offering consistent and accurate water sanitizer dosing for commercial pools, the CCH Elite is an outstanding option for pool service professionals. This durable yet compact and lightweight high-capacity erosion (HCE) feeder stands up to the elements and incorporates a tablet feeder design that minimizes the need for maintenance.

The system uses ultra-concentrated calcium hypochlorite tablets that are dry and easy to handle. With a minimum of 68% AvCL, these small tablets are powerful without requiring a lot of storage space or costing a lot in shipping. The CalHypo tablets offer consistent sanitization, protect plaster (by increasing calcium), and stabilize pH by balancing alkalinity.

The feeder itself features dual solenoids that cut down on the build-up of solids, an emergency shut-off valve that prevents spills, a dust reduction funnel that maximizes chemical use, easy access design, and more. 

The CCH Elite is adaptable to both larger and smaller commercial pools. If you’d like to learn more about the CCH Elite or any of the other outstanding products we represent, be sure to contact your Alpha West pool manufacturer rep at