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Reliable, Accurate Chemical Monitoring & Dosing for Service Professionals

Rola-Chem chemical monitoring and dosing
Get accurate chemical monitoring and dosing with Rola-Chem.

Service professionals have a ton of tasks on their daily to-do checklists. And all of those tasks have to be performed with a high-level of accuracy and efficiency to keep pools up and running and customers happy. With that in mind, we’d like to discuss a company that makes products that enhance both accuracy and efficiency for the service professional — RolaChem.

Eliminate the Guesswork

RolaChem water quality systems are made to take the guesswork out of managing a simple HOA pool and spa to advanced aquatic facilities across the world. These systems monitor chemical levels in the water and feature advanced yet simple to use controllers and chemical pumps to  to dispense the necessary chemicals to balance pool water and keep it that way.

Simple Installation

With such innovative components, one might assume that a RolaChem system is difficult to install. In reality, RolaChem systems could not be easier to put in. To start with, each system comes pre-mounted on heavy-duty, non-corrosive boards for durability and added peace of mind.

All of the Rola-Chem system components come clearly labeled. And the easy-to-follow directions guide users through the installation process. Users typically find the process quick and straightforward.


Accuracy and Ease of Use

Once in place, a Rola-Chem system offers accurate, at-a-glance readings of chemical levels in the pool water on the digital display panel. And the pumps add precise doses of the chemicals that the pool requires.

Highly accurate dosing not only saves pool service professionals time, but it it also saves money. A pool that’s regularly in balance requires fewer additional chemicals and there is nothing wasted in guesswork. 

Know Your Options

Those who would like to try out the Rola-Chem technology without investing in a full system may choose to start with the Pro Series 300 Peristaltic Pump. This pump features a digital timer and refined dosing increments for precise control over chemical dosing. 

When you’re ready for a step up, the ORP and pH digital controller has an easy-to-read control panel that displays precise digital readouts. These generation two systems feature pH calibration and ORP technology. They also offer the option of timed continuous feeding. Paired with a peristaltic pump, service professionals have a high level of insight and control over water chemical levels.


For service professionals who are seeking a highly intuitive system, the generation two digital pH dual ORP/FAC (ppm) controller gets the job done with ease. With a simple to read digital 



control panel that is fully programmable, this system takes a lot of work out of the service professionals hands. The system contains both ORP and pH probes, a flow cell, flow switch, and the option to add two peristaltic pumps for management of two sanitizer sources.

Learn More About RolaChem

To make the process of using these advanced systems even easier, RolaChem provides a subscription-free online portal for both dealers and service professionals who sell or use their products. In the portal they offer tools and resources to help with improving water quality.  


Want to learn more about how RolaChem systems work? Contact us at today for a demonstration.