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Clear Green Spa Water Quickly and Effectively with Leisure Time

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Maintaining crystal-clear hot tub water is the goal for all hot tub owners, but sometimes they lift the cover only to find their clear water tinged with green. Typically, this issue is due to dissolved copper or iron in the water. These metals are a common culprit in green spa water that is otherwise clear, and if left untreated, will eventually build up and cause staining.

Leisure Time® Metal Gon provides an effective solution for isolating minerals quickly so that spa owners don’t have to worry about damage to their spa’s appearance or function. 

To use the product after a drain and fill, once the spa has been refilled with fresh water, ensure all equipment is turned off and pour the entire bottle of Leisure Time Metal Gon around the spa’s edge. Circulate the water through the filter for 30 minutes to disperse the product and allow it to work. Then, test pH levels as well as alkalinity.

Leisure Time’s Metal Gon spa chemicals quickly address dissolved metals by isolating them. With just one application at each spa refill, this process helps prevent minerals from building up and staining the hot tub. Metal Gon is compatible with chlorine, bromine and biguanide systems.

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