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Extend Swim Time with Energy-Efficient Pool Heating

man diving into heated pool with pool heating

Anyone with a pool knows that, no matter how long swim season lasts, it’s never enough. That’s why pool owners often look to pool heaters to give them an earlier start and a later end to pool season. Pool heaters also allow for comfortable swimming far beyond sunset. The downside of traditional gas powered pool heaters, however, is that they are expensive to run and not at all environmentally friendly.

Eco-conscious electric heat pumps are a wallet-friendly alternative to traditional gas pool heaters. Unlike gas powered heaters that create heat by burning fuel, heat pumps use the heat from the air around them. They compress the heat that they pull in and boost it before transferring it to the pool water. 

But not all heat pumps are the same. Pool owners who are looking for exceptional performance and added savings should look to AquaComfort. Heat pumps from AquaComfort cost 20% to 30% less to operate than other heat pumps and up to 80% less than gas heaters.

Most heat pumps will only operate when the temperature outside is 50 degrees or higher. AquaComfort heat pumps work in temperatures from 38 degrees, which means even more swim time. And for those who live in hotter climates, AquaComfort also offers some models with a cooling option for refreshing swimming on even the hottest days.

AquaComfort heaters feature highly efficient titanium heat exchangers, which means exceptional COP (coefficient of performance) ratings. AquaComfort pool heaters have COP ratings that range from 6.0 to 6.7.  

For comparison, a 400 BTU Natural Gas Heater has an efficiency of 84 percent (COP of .84). An AquaComfort heat pump with a COP of 6.7 means that it has an efficiency of 670 percent.

In addition, heat pumps have far fewer moving parts and a far gentler process than gas heaters. These key differences translate into heat pumps needing fewer repairs than gas heaters. In fact, AquaComfort heaters have double the life expectancy of gas heaters. And the efficiency of heat pumps remains constant over their long lifespan, whereas gas heaters lose efficiency over time.

AquaComfort heat pumps also have a relatively small footprint and weigh approximately 150 pounds less than most others.

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