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Pool & Spa Water Testing: How to Get Fast, Accurate Results

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When customers are counting on you to keep their pools clean, clear, and balanced, you need testing products that perform quickly and accurately. AquaChek® products deliver on both counts and then some. AquaChek® Pool & Spa Testing™ offers reliable and top-quality products that are highly innovative, yet simple to use. And they offer environmentally friendly options for those looking to decrease waste in their daily operations.

Water Testing In Your Pocket

aquachek pocket pro tester

Innovation meets convenience in the easy to use Pocket Pro™ tester. These leading edge water testers are highly portable and simple to operate. Here’s how to use the Pocket Pro:

  • Fill the water container to the line
  • Dip the sensor into the container
  • Press start
  • Get your results!

That’s the entire process. The Pocket Pro testers come in several options: salinity, TDS High Range, TDS Low Range, ORP, and pH. There are also two Pocket Pro+ Multi testers that each test for a number of chemical levels.

The Pocket Pro units are completely waterproof and run on AA batteries. This makes them a convenient option for service professionals.


aquachek total dissolved solids test strips

Detailed TDS Testing 

High TDS (total dissolved solids) leads to cloudy water and ultimately, increased chlorine usage when trying to get the water back in balance. AquaChek TDS test strips allow you to measure everything that is dissolved in the water so that you know exactly which chemicals are needed to restore balance. This level of accuracy is particularly important during this time of chlorine shortages. By having such detailed TDS results, you will know for sure when chlorine is actually needed and when it is not.

aquachek phosphate test strips

Fast Phosphate Testing

High phosphate levels can also wreak havoc on chlorine levels by encouraging algae growth and using up chlorine more quickly. The AquaChek phosphate test takes only one minute to see results, which allows you to get on top of the issue quickly.

aquachek borate test strips

Accurate Borate Testing

Borate levels also factor into algae growth. Using AquaChek borate testing strips helps you to easily keep algae at bay, water clear, and pH balanced. 30 to 50 ppm (parts per million) is the recommended level of borate in a pool. These accurate strips test between 0 and 80 ppm, which gives you all the information you need to determine whether borate levels are too high or too low.

aquachek nitrate nitrite test strips

Quick Nitrate/Nitrite Testing

Algae feeds on nitrates, so keeping tabs on nitrate and nitrite levels is also important for keeping algae in check. High nitrate levels are a good indicator of when it’s time to drain, clean, and refill a pool. AquaChek nitrate test strips give nitrate readings between 0 and 50 ppm and nitrite readings between 0 and 3 ppm.

aquachek copper test strips

Precise Copper Testing

Copper that is dissolved in pool water can lead to staining on the pool’s surface. To detect copper levels up to 3 ppm, use AquaChek’s copper test strips. Detecting copper levels early allows you to stay ahead of stains and discolored water. 

Comprehensive Pool Water Testing

aquachek silver 7

If you want to test for multiple chemical levels in one highly accurate and simple-to-use strip, the AquaChek Silver 7-in-1 test strips do the job impeccably. These convenient strips test for total hardness, total chlorine, total bromine, pH, total alkalinity, and cyanuric acid in one quick and easy step. 

aquacheck smart phone app
AquaChek’s Smart App makes water testing a breeze.

Even better, AquaChek makes reading results even easier with the Select Connect app. The app gives accurate results with the Select Connect color matching technology. This is a highly convenient way for anyone to get accurate results, but for those who are colorblind, the app offers added testing accuracy. Here’s how to use this innovative app:

  • Dip the test strip in the water
  • Take a photo of the strip using the app
  • Get your instant results and custom chemical recommendations



As you can see, AquaChek lives by their motto of, “simple, fast, accurate”. Interested in learning more about these innovative pool testing products and simplifying your testing process? Reach out to us at Alpha West today.