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Global Pool Products’ Coolest Series: The Ultimate Pool Handrails with a Twist

Global Pool Products pool handrails Coolest Series

When it comes to pool accessories, it’s not every day that you come across a product that combines functionality with aesthetics. Global Pool Products‘ Coolest Series water cooled pool handrails are here to change the game. These innovative handrails not only provide a secure grip and comfortable support for swimmers but also double as stunning water features. 

A Cool Touch

One common issue with traditional pool handrails is the discomfort they can cause when exposed to the sun for extended periods. Grabbing onto a hot rail is less than ideal. The Coolest Series handrails address this problem by using technology that keeps the rail temperature within 15 degrees of the water’s temperature. Swimmers can avoid scorching handrails and instead enjoy a comfortably cool touch.

Internal Water Flow Technology

The secret to the Coolest Series’ cool touch is its internal water flow technology. By circulating water through the rails, they effectively dissipate heat, ensuring that swimmers can comfortably hold onto them even on the hottest summer days. It’s a simple yet ingenious solution to a common poolside problem.

Built-in Water Feature

What sets the Coolest Series apart is the built-in water feature. As users hold onto the handrails, they are treated to a visually stunning display of water gently cascading down the rails. It not only looks impressive but also adds a soothing, resort-like ambiance to the pool area. This is a feature that’s sure to captivate guests and keep the poolside experience refreshing.

Global Pool Products pool handrails Coolest Series

Durable and Resilient

Quality and durability are of utmost importance when it comes to pool accessories. The Coolest Series handrails are constructed from 304 stainless steel, known for its corrosion resistance and longevity. This means they’ll withstand the elements and the test of time.

Strong and Secure

The Coolest Series handrails are constructed with a robust 1.9″ outside diameter, providing a sturdy and secure grip. Whether being used to help kids into the pool or simply providing some stability, these handrails will meet everyone’s needs with reliability.

Soothing Water Flow

The water feature in these pool handrails not only looks stunning but also offers a soothing auditory experience with a flow rate of 5-8 gallons per minute. It’s the perfect complement to the calming ambiance of a pool area.

Salt Water Friendly

For those with saltwater pools, the Coolest Series handrails are saltwater friendly. They come with powder coat options that ensure they can withstand the unique challenges presented by saltwater environments.


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