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How to Stop Concrete Pool Leaks Without Draining

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Finding pool leaks is something that every pool and spa owner dreads. Thoughts immediately jump to all of the work the repair will require — beginning with draining all of that water. It’s an unwelcome surprise for any pool or spa owner. 

The good news is that EpoxyBond® Pool Putty by Atlas Minerals & Chemicals, Inc. is an easy-to-use product for concrete pool and spa leaks. Draining is not required when you use Pool Putty. The product can be applied to both dry and wet surfaces and even works underwater. 

concrete pool without pool leaks

Formulated to stop pool leaks in concrete and gunite pools and spas, Pool Putty comes in cartridge form. To apply Pool Putty, simply cut open the cartridge, mix the two putty products (the single stick formula dispenses the products 1 to 1), and then apply the mixed putty to the crack on the pool or spa surface. The resin and hardener are slightly different shades to make it easy to see when the two are thoroughly mixed together.

EpoxyBond Pool Putty cures completely underwater and offers an inexpensive solution for filling small cracks and stopping pool leaks in concrete and gunite pools. It can also be used to repair chipped tile. The product comes in white and black and, once cured, it does not discolor, shrink or sag. 


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