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Boss® Multi-Seal® 125 Hybrid Sealant Allows You to Work In All Weather

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As any pool builder knows, traditional polyurethane sealants come with their own set of unique challenges. First of all, there is plenty of waste due to their fiber foil cartridges, which are highly prone to damage. Then there is all of the lost time caused by being unable to work in wet or cold conditions. 

Working in wet weather conditions often causes the fiber foil cartridge to fail, resulting in an unusable product. Even worse, if the temperature is on the cooler side, polyurethane products are extremely difficult to dispense from the cartridge, despite the use of a gun. These issues cause unnecessary product and time waste.

In stark contrast to conventional polyurethane sealants, Boss® Multi-Seal® 125 is an ultra synthetic polymer. It easily applies to and bonds perfectly to wet surfaces without resulting in bubbling of the product. Even more impressive, Multi-Seal 125 does not change consistency in the cold, so it is just as easily dispensed in cold weather as in warm. 

Boss Multi-Seal 125

Boss Multi-Seal 125 can be applied to a wide range of surfaces and is available in more than a dozen different colors. It can even be painted within an hour of application. The product also comes in a resilient hard plastic container, so moisture and damage are far less of an issue than they are with fiber foil cartridges.


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