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PAL Lighting Offers Innovative Pool Lighting Options

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Pools are sparkling and bright when they’re lit by the sun. Once the sun goes down though, the fun remains, but the eye-catching appeal takes a bit of a hit. PAL® Lighting believes that a pool can be just as stunning in the evening as it was during the day, if not more so.

With a full range of LED Optics products, there is something for every taste and every type of pool. PAL Lighting offers a wide range of product options for in-pool and in-spa lights. They also offer exciting lighting options for pool water features such as bubblers, scuppers, waterfalls, and deck jets.

All of PAL Lighting’s range are LED, so they are long-lasting, durable, safe, and eco-friendly. Even more exciting though, is that the ambiance created is mind-blowingly customizable. With PAL Lighting’s ColorTouch technology, users can create the perfect effect with an incredible 16 million color options.  

Controlling the lights can be done from either a remote control or a smart device. Color change is as simple as moving a finger around the color wheel to fine-tune the setting. Brightness can also be adjusted remotely. In addition, using the app, pool owners can name channels to control a range of other pool equipment as well as the lighting. 


If you’d like more information about PAL Lighting or any of our other incredible manufacturers, reach out to your pool and spa manufacturer rep at Alpha West. Contact us at