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Save Time, Effort, and Money in Pool Maintenance

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Practically every pool owner would jump at the chance to simplify their pool maintenance. Regular pool upkeep is one of the necessary parts of pool ownership, but thankfully, there are ways to cut down on maintenance time and effort. One facet that can be greatly improved is vacuuming the pool. 

Manual vacuuming is time-consuming and often exhausting. And some automatic cleaners are pricey to run and/or have performance shortcomings. However, the Volt 550 LI from Water Tech solves all of these common complaints and more.

Water Tech Volt for maximum efficiency

The Volt 550 LI  is a rechargeable cordless robotic vacuum with highly advanced technology. This powerful cleaner provides multiple cleaning mode options so that the cleaning cycle can be customized to suit specific needs. For example, it can be set to clean just the floor of the pool or both the floor and the walls.

To make pool maintenance even simpler, the Volt 550 offers both a daily and weekly cleaning schedule. Those who don’t have time for daily skimming and vacuuming will love the customizable scheduling options. Pool owners can set their cleaner to the ideal schedule for them. On a weekly setting, the Volt runs for 30 minutes per day before needing to be recharged.

Of course, customization is nothing without performance to back it up. Thankfully, the Volt truly performs too. This highly capable cleaner filters water at 7200 gallons per hour. In doing so, it pulls all sizes of debris from the water — right from larger debris to dirt, sand, and silt. 

robotic vacuum doing pool maintenance

A common frustration for automatic pool cleaner owners is in the cleaner failing to recognize when it has left the pool. No one wants to be searching for their pool cleaner off in the bushes or in the neighbor’s yard. There is no such issue with the Volt 550. The self-entering sensor alerts the system that it needs to get back in the pool once it gets to the wall. 

Recovering the Volt 550 from the bottom of the pool couldn’t be easier either. The cleaner comes with a recovery hook so that pool owners can easily retrieve it. Pool owners who use corded cleaners often resort to the risky practice of pulling on the cord to remove the cleaner from the pool. In contrast, using Volt’s hook, the cleaner can be pulled safely and easily from the water. 

The Volt 550 LI offers added peace of mind in that it comes with a three-year warranty on its lithium batteries, main part drive motors, and pump motors. In addition, there is plenty of cost savings to be had in running a robotic cleaner. Pressure cleaners usually cost about $80 to $150 per year to run, while a robotic cleaner costs approximately $20 per year in electricity. 

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