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Simplify Remote Monitoring and Dosing with Rola-Chem

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Rola-Chem® has long been in the business of simplifying chemical dosing while enhancing accuracy. With the 555XXP controller, they’ve taken ease of use a step further by allowing for liquid chemical monitoring automation to any water feature.

The 555XXP controller has an internal remote monitor that does not require a subscription and is available for the life of the product. The unit can be purchased as a standalone unit to add to any Rola-Chem system or as part of a ready-to-mount system. After it has been connected to the internet, information is displayed on the Rola Chem site.

From their devices, users can monitor and manage set points, feed times, and alerts for pH, ORP1, ORP2, temperature, and free available chlorine (FAC) in parts per million (ppm). History of the readings is stored in the database, and users can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet or archive it to a PDF.

Interested in discovering more about Rola-Chem’s easy-to-use automated systems? Contact your Alpha West representative at Don’t yet have a rep? Use our territories map to find your area’s pool and spa manufacturer rep.