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The Attendant by Poolside Tech Offers Next-Level Pool Convenience and Comfort

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Each year as spring approaches, pool owners start planning their swim season and looking for ways to simplify pool maintenance. The Attendant by Poolside Tech works to bring a new level of convenience and comfort to pool ownership. 

The Attendant is a groundbreaking automation system that keeps an eye on equipment, water quality, and temperature so that the swimming area is always ready. With Poolside Tech’s patented technology at the helm, pool owners don’t have to worry about time-consuming upkeep or expensive energy bills. 

The Attendant was designed to optimize the energy efficiency of pool systems by intelligently analyzing when and how each piece of equipment should be used. This translates into tangible cost savings for homeowners as well as an overall reduction in environmental impact. Instead of mindlessly turning on the pool heater at pre-scheduled times regardless of conditions, The Attendant considers factors such as desired temperature, weather forecast, and more so pool owners don’t have to worry about wasting electricity or gas.

The Attendant + Chemistry provides an automated solution, helping to take the guesswork out of managing filter systems, sanitizers, pH balance, and alkalinity levels so pool owners can make fewer trips to the store. With its advanced technology capabilities that detect algae or extra heavy use in the swimming area, The Attendant addresses issues before they become problematic, plus it automatically adjusts filtration run times for optimal energy efficiency.

The Attendant mobile app offers an easy-to-understand view of the pool system which allows even the least tech savvy user to confidently control their equipment without fear of making dangerous mistakes that could cause damage or affect water quality. 

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