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The Mighty PoolRX Unit Offers a Multitude of Benefits to Pool Owners

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PoolRX® has gained a reputation for its incredible ability to simply and effectively eliminate algae and prevent regrowth for up to six months (a booster is available to further prolong the life of the unit), but not everyone dives into its full benefits and how it works. And in California PoolRX saved a lot of homeowners and professionals alike during the chlorine shortage from a green pool. Here’s a brief rundown on these powerful little units.

PoolRx’s proprietary blend of minerals completely dissolves within the first 24 hours it’s in the water and the product forms a stable residual throughout the pool, killing existing and future algae. As the minerals pass back over the PoolRX unit, they are reactivated.


PoolRX unit


PoolRX is designed specifically to provide a proactive solution that helps pool owners keep their pools algae free without having to constantly monitor water chemistry levels. PoolRX is also safe and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for any industry professional looking to provide their customers with the best possible swimming experience.

The PoolRX system helps reduce chlorine demand by up to 50%, freeing up chlorine to be more available for other uses. With a PoolRX unit, pool owners don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals being used to prevent algae or clear up algae blooms. By using PoolRX, pool owners can maintain clean and healthy pools without having to constantly add chlorine. And fewer additional chemicals in the water means lower TDS (total dissolved solids), preserving water quality for longer and improving bather experience.

PoolRX unit

To be effective, PoolRX needs only 0.5 – 1.0 ppm of free chlorine in the water. This makes PoolRX a great option for those looking to reduce chlorine usage while keeping their pools clean and safe.  

PoolRX has proven to be an effective choice for saltwater pools as well, prolonging salt cell life.  Pool owners can expect to be able to turn down their salt generator by about 50% when PoolRX is used, meaning that they get more life out of their investment while also eliminating algae. The amount of acid needed to balance water pH is also reduced. In addition, the natural descaler helps keep the salt cell clean for longer periods of time.

Silver and Zinc have been added to the proven formula to help control bacterial growth and scale that can occur due to the pH of the water being high. To sum it up, better for salt pools and spas!

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