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Timber Stoves Offers Premium Wood Pellet Patio Heating

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From the beginning, Timber Stoves has focused on crafting the highest-quality patio heaters possible. Their commitment to innovation and keeping production in America has enabled them to create an outstanding product line that allows for meaningful conversations around cozy fires. With their unbeatable craftsmanship and focus on refinement, they have become pioneers of gravity fed technologies.

Timber Stoves offers premium wood pellet fired outdoor patio stoves that are designed with both safety and convenience in mind. Their heaters’ special design ensures reliable warmth and easy ash cleanup for added ease-of-use. Stainless steel safety cages provide striking style and peace of mind. Even better, their smokeless burn time is an incredible three hours.



Timber Stoves provide a unique outdoor heating experience with their expertly-crafted wood pellet fired patio stoves. For sustainable outdoor warmth, Timber Stoves has created a reliable line of stunning wood pellet-fired patio stoves. This eco-friendly heating technology keeps outdoor spaces warm and inviting. Users experience total heat coverage with no electricity required.

Help your customers unlock the warmth and comfort of Timber Stove’s wood pellet heating products with Alpha West. Get in touch today at or use our territories map to locate your local rep.