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TORK’s 24 Hour Time Switches Elevate Savings and Convenience

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TORK’s (by NSI Industries) 24-hour mechanical time switches maximize energy savings and convenience. With a simple set up, users can easily program ON/OFF cycles for air conditioners, lights, water heaters, pumps, signs, fans, and more — ensuring these appliances are on only when needed. Users enjoy the ultimate control over power consumption in one easy step.

With TORK 24-hour time switches, appliances are always on schedule. Easily program devices to turn off and on according to a daily routine for optimal convenience. These mechanical time switches are a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to stay on a schedule. And instead of replacing an entire unit, components that have reached their service life can be conveniently repaired.

TORK timers provide unrivaled reliability under pressure, thanks to their secure lockable enclosures which protect the inner gears from outside elements. They also feature advanced 24-hour ON/OFF scheduling capabilities with compatibility for up to 12 pairs of trippers.


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Programming a TORK timer is simple. Begin by opening the cover of the switch and locating the 24-hour time dial. The dial has two halves: the silver half represents daytime hours, and the black half represents nighttime hours.

Set the “On” and “Off” times by adjusting the two mechanical triggers attached to the dial. To do this, loosen the connecting screw on each trigger, and then slide the trigger around the rim of the dial to the position that corresponds to the desired on or off time.

The silver trigger turns the system on, while the black trigger turns it off. For example, to turn the system on at 7 PM, move the silver trigger to the “7” on the black side of the dial and tighten the screw. To turn the system off at 10 PM, move the black trigger to the “10” on the black half of the dial and tighten the screw.

Finally, adjust the 24-hour dial to match the current time of day. Rotate the dial counterclockwise, if necessary, until the “time” arrow on the device’s base points to the mark on the dial that corresponds to the current time.

As time passes and the 24-hour dial rotates, the triggers will activate the mechanical switches on the base of the unit, turning the system on and off.


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