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Creating the Ultimate Backyard Experience With Touch-Button Control

A backyard with touch-button control

Owning a swimming pool is a unique experience that comes with a range of lifestyle-enhancing features and is often described as a journey — a journey of pool ownership. In the spirit of innovation, Poolside Tech saw a gap in the pool ownership experience and took steps to fill it. With their agnostic automation technology — The Attendant — pool owners can now create the ultimate backyard experience with touch-button control. What does this mean exactly? It means that pool owners can control everything from their pool lighting settings, to the temperature of the water, to the equipment settings, and more, all from a smart device. 

Adding Illuminating Innovation to Backyards Everywhere

Backyard lighting is an easy way to take an outdoor space to the next level, both in function and in aesthetic, especially for yards with pools. Not only do lights provide visibility for nighttime swimming but they also add ambiance and visual appeal to the pool area. Pool lighting comes in various forms, including underwater lights, floating lights, and deck lights. Overall, pool lighting adds an extra layer of beauty and safety to a pool, allowing swimmers to enjoy their backyard oasis even after the sun goes down. 

When paired with Poolside Tech, PAL Lighting with DMX Tech is an amazing way to bring light to the swimming pool, water features, landscaping, and more. Control brightness, which lights are in use, colors, and other effects with a simple touch of a button. 

Bringing the Heat with Automation Technology

When creating the ultimate backyard experience with touch-button control, homeowners are looking for all-inclusive technology that expands beyond the pool. A perfect example would be gathering around a brilliant display of warmth and light to enjoy drinks with friends on a summer evening.  

touch-button control

Outdoor fire tables, firepits, bowls, and other features provide a striking and elegant touch to any outdoor area, offering a place to come together and enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire. American Fire Glass offers a wide range of exceptional quality hearth products, perfect for enhancing any backyard. With a lineup of fire glass, lava rocks, burners, guards, and more, an outdoor fire feature from American Fire Glass elevates the beauty and functionality of any outdoor space. And, when paired with Poolside Tech, American Fire Glass electronic ignitions are remotely controlled, allowing the user to set the perfect flame height and more with easy touch-button control. 

Warmer Waters with Energy-Efficiency 

A pool heater is every pool owner’s dream. Not only does it allow for a longer swim season extending into the cooler months of the year, it creates a warm and inviting experience even in the summer. Early morning swims become the perfect exercise to start the day, while refreshing nighttime swims in the cool, crisp air make a wonderful end to the day. The ultimate backyard experience with touch-button control wouldn’t be complete without the ability to control the water temperature. 

When it comes to the right kind of pool heater, a heat pump from AquaComfort Solutions is an easy winner. With an industry-leading, energy-efficient design, coupled with the ability to heat water in temperatures as low as 40 degrees, an AquaComfort heat pump is the ideal finishing touch for backyard pools across the country. These heat pumps are another component of backyard recreation that Poolside Tech has created automation for. Set a timer, control the temperature, and more from the convenience of a smart device, all through The Attendant. 

The Proper Equipment Paired with Programming 

A pool’s pump is the heart of its equipment. It keeps everything else running smoothly, and without it, the pool would quickly become in need of costly repairs. When working to create a backyard experience worthy of being called “ultimate”, having a properly running pool is essential. 

A pool pump operates by drawing water in through an intake port, and then pushing it through a filter to remove any debris or contaminants. The cleaned water is then pumped back into the pool through a series of outlets. The pump is powered by an electric motor, which drives an impeller that creates a suction force, drawing water into the pump housing. As the impeller spins, it creates pressure, forcing the water out of the pump and through the filter. The motor is typically housed in a weather-resistant casing, and the pump may feature various controls, including a timer and speed settings. By keeping the water circulating and free from debris, pool pumps help to maintain a safe and healthy swimming environment, and can also help to reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep the water clean.

When searching for the right pump for a swimming pool, there are a few features to look out for. The pump should be able to handle the volume of water in the pool, as well as be energy-efficient, and compatible with automation. Poolside Tech operates both Century VS Motors, as well as Speck Pumps.

As with all other pool components that The Attendant controls, the system will work to find the most energy-efficient means of running the pump within the set parameters.


Water Treatment Solutions for the Future of Water

Much like pool pumps, the sanitization system for the swimming pool is a vital part of creating the ultimate backyard experience. Salt systems, also known as saltwater chlorinators, are a popular alternative to traditional chlorine-based swimming pool systems. These systems work by converting salt in the water into chlorine through a process called electrolysis, causing a chemical reaction that produces chlorine. The chlorine disinfects the pool water, killing bacteria and other contaminants. 

Salt systems offer several benefits, including reduced maintenance and cost savings, as they eliminate the need for frequent manual application of chlorine. They are also gentler on the skin and eyes, making for a more pleasant swimming experience. Additionally, salt systems can help extend the life of pool equipment by reducing the buildup of calcium and other minerals in the system. 

touch-button control

Solaxx Salt Systems make pool maintenance even easier by taking the guesswork out completely when paired with Poolside Tech’s automation system. Users can check salt levels and more, making adjustments as needed, with touch-button control and peace of mind. 

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