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Eye-catching Elements that Personalize an Outdoor Living Space

Artistry in mosaics glass tiles personalize an outdoor living space

Soon-to-be pool owners want to create an entire outdoor living space that stuns and wows their guests. They also want that space to invite relaxation and be reflective of their personal style. When they build a pool, they are looking for eye-catching elements that personalize an outdoor living space. 

Add One-Of-A-Kind Designs to Personalize an Outdoor Living Space

Custom pool tile

The tile design of the swimming pool plays a significant role in the aesthetic appeal of the overall look. The intersection of where the light bounces on the water and tiles is what compels a swimmer to jump in. 

Not All Pool Tile Is Equal

The pool tiles’ color and design are a main eye-catching element of the pool. However, problems with poor quality tiles include discoloration, cracking, and delaminating. Some normal lack of tile luster can occur over time, but poor quality tiles can discolor rapidly due to normal use of pool chemicals and baking in sunlight. Sub-par pool tiles can also crack due to drastic variations in temperature such as would occur with a vanishing edge pool design. They can also crack from proper use of pool chemicals. 

Some of the glues used to bond pool tiles onto the mesh are water-soluble. Occasionally, they are even manufactured without an antimicrobial agent, allowing mold to grow behind the tiles. Delamination occurs due to these circumstances. As a result, the tiles can lose their bonding integrity and separate from the substrate (the underlying layer on the back of the tile). 

Exceptional Pool Tiles are Durable and Dazzling

Artistry in Mosaics pool tiles address all of these issues for pool builders. Their tiles are guaranteed free from defects in tile integrity for the life of the application. They are manufactured for just about any climate condition, and their products are guaranteed to meet or exceed the Tile Council of North America industry standards. 

Artistry in Mosaics tiles are stunning and offer pool builders a plethora of distinctive tile designs to personalize an outdoor living space. They also allow the pool build to be easily customized. With a vast selection of pre-designed mosaics in ceramic, glass, and glass tile blends, pool designers and builders can create one of a kind designs. 

Use Elements that Engage to Personalize an Outdoor Living Space

No pool design is complete without features such as slides and ladders. Of course, these additions need to be built and installed with safety in mind. Slides, ladders, steps, and diving boards can all pose potential safety concerns to swimmers due to wet, slick surfaces. In addition, many swimming pools are not accessible to those with disabilities. They are often left on the pool deck to watch others having fun inside the pool. 

Global Pool Products design their products with safety and accessibility for all in mind. They offer top quality pool equipment that is made in the USA. Products include:

  • Slides
  • Diving boards
  • Ladders
  • Handrails
  • ADA compliant pool lifts to make aquatic access inclusive for all 

These products are built with safety as the number one priority, and they also enhance pool enjoyment for everyone. For added excitement, Global Pool Products offers the Over the Edge line of products as well. These features are perfect for those who want to take pool enjoyment to the next level. These products allow the pool experience to be customized with features such as swim-up bars and pool sports equipment. 

Incorporate Water Features to Personalize an Outdoor Living Space

SlickRock water feature

When building a pool, it is important to consider decorative elements that personalize an outdoor living space. Water features are a beautiful addition to any pool and landscaping design and offer a peaceful sound element to the yard as well. 

Slick Rock manufactures stylish, top-of-the-line concrete features that are made in the USA. Their products have been featured on DIY Network’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Pool Kings multiple times. Local artisans in Texas hand-crafted planters, water features, and fire bowls enhance any landscape design. 

Concrete water features add elegance to the pool build design. Slick Rock’s water features are a beautiful way to personalize an outdoor living space. 

SlickRock Water Features Include:

  • Water Bowls – perfect as a feature inside the swimming pool or as a stand alone feature in the garden near the pool
  • Concrete Fountain – the architectural centerpiece of any outdoor living space
  • Cascade Water + Planter – enhances and personalizes an outdoor living space with a combined landscaping and water feature

Include Fire Features Illuminate an Outdoor Living Space

SlickRock Fire Feature

People tend to love being around a fire, so fire features in backyards have become hugely popular. These features add beauty, charm, and ambiance to the backyard environment. They also extend the outdoor season by providing light and heat. 

The light and heat make it comfortable to gather and bond with friends and family when the nights turn dark and chilly. The beauty of the fire reflecting off of surfaces is relaxing and captivating. 

Slick Rock also offers concrete fire features. These features are built with safety in mind and are eye-catching elements that personalize an outdoor living space. Whether a pool owner wants a purely decorative fire feature or one to be used as a gathering place, these fire features add elegance to functional design.

SlickRock Fire Features Include:

  • Fire Bowls – come in a variety of shapes and add luxury and elegance to an outdoor living space
  • Fire Tables – creates a place to gather and will perfectly complement landscaping
  • Water + Fire Feature – adds dramatic flare to any landscaping on pool build 

Consider Beauty and Safety In Custom Fire Features 

American Fire Glass

For designs that incorporate a custom fire feature, it is imperative to consider the safety of each component used in the build. With the rise in the popularity of fire features there must also be added safety considerations. It is extremely important that fire features and their components are built and installed with safety as a top priority.  

Both lava rock and fire glass add beauty and elegance to a fire feature design. This is why they are popular additions to fire pits and fire bowls. In addition to the aesthetic lava rock and fire glass create, backyard designers and pool builders need to ensure the products they use are rated for fire safety.

Lava rock creates a rustic and natural look to a fire feature. It is highly durable, but some lava rock can lose its integrity due to moisture build up. This causes some lava rock to pop, crack, or even explode. 

Fire glass is an extremely popular look to add to fire features. The light reflects and bounces off the glass in mesmerizing ways. Fire glass is not to be mistaken for regular glass. Regular glass can explode after it heats up. Fire glass is tempered, or fire rated, so it will not burn, melt, or crack. However, low quality fire glass may pop or explode when wet. 

Beauty and Safety Combined

American Fire Glass products are high quality and give pool builders eye-catching elements that personalize an outdoor living space. These exceptional hearth products provide beauty as well as outstanding safety.  They are backed with a lifetime guarantee and use a state of the art manufacturing process. This process adheres to rigid quality control standards and attention to detail.

American Fire Glass Products Include:

  • High quality tempered glass
  • Lava rock
  • Gas fireplace logs
  • Fire kits
  • Fireproof Lite Stone balls
  • Fireplace accessories

For pool builders looking for quality eye-catching elements that personalize an outdoor living space, reach out to us at We provide product demonstrations and training for all of the products we represent.