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Energy-Efficient Pool and Spa Product Alternatives: Our Top 4 Ranked

pool and spa manufacturer rep show how an energy efficient alternative works


With numerous new energy-efficient pool and spa products out there on the market, it can be challenging to know exactly which ones you should offer in your store or add to your pool builds. Which ones are the best fit for your pool and spa business? Our pool and spa manufacturer reps are here to help you figure out what the best energy-efficient pool and spa product alternatives to add to your product lineup.

Alpha West’s Top Four Energy-Efficient Pool and Spa Product Alternatives

1 – Energy-efficient pool heaters

It is certainly not inexpensive to heat a pool. However, you can reduce the cost of heating a pool with a high-efficiency or solar heater. Depending on location, heating a pool with a solar heater can be a top cost-effective use of solar energy. Solar heaters contain a device that water travels through and then that water gets heated by the sun. Their efficiency is based on a thermal performance rating and is measured in BTUs. When there are more BTUs, solar energy becomes more efficient. These heaters don’t use as much energy to get their job done. This is good for the environment as well as your heating bills.

A heat pump is also an energy-efficient option. They take the heat that is already in the air and place it in a pool, which therefore warms the pool water. This requires less electricity since they function by using heat that already exists.  

Our Expert Pick: AquaComfort Solutions Heat Pumps

Diagram of how a energy-efficient heat pump works
A detailed illustration showing how the AquaComfort Solutions energy-efficient heat pump works.

AquaComfort Solutions® heat pumps have been designed with energy efficiency in mind for the last 25 years. They are currently one of the most energy-efficient pool heat pumps offered on the market. These heat pumps work by pulling “free heat” from the air, using it to warm the pool water flowing into the system. This results in heating costs that are 80% less than a propane heater and 70% less than a natural gas heater.

2 – Energy-efficient pool and spa lights

When switching pool and spa lights to more energy-efficient alternatives, LED lights are the first choice for most pool and spa professionals. Not only do they shine brighter, but LED lights are much more energy-efficient than other bulb options. Connecting LED pool and spa lights to timer controls automates them to work at peak energy efficiency.

Our Expert Pick: CMP Brilliant Wonders LED Lighting

CMP’s line of Brilliant Wonders® LED Lighting proves that you don’t have to forsake economic efficiency for stunning style in your pool builds. Designed with Smart Sync™ Technology, Brilliant Wonders LED Lighting is compatible with all types of pool control systems. This ability to connect Brilliant Wonders LED Lighting with a variety of control systems allows for complete automation.

3 – Energy-efficient pool pump timers

It is so easy to forget to turn your pool pump off. Not only does this add up to enormous electric bill charges, but it also uses a huge amount of energy. With a pool pump timer, set a time for the pool pump to automatically turn off, keeping the pump from just running and running, wasting energy and money in the process.

Our Expert Pick: Intermatic Control Panels

Intermatic® offers a variety of pool and spa control panels, junction boxes, and transformers. These products not only keep equipment safe from electrical fire hazards but also improve the overall energy efficiency of pools and spas, including underwater lighting and pool pumps.

4 – Energy-efficient variable speed motors

Variable speed motors were specifically designed to make pools run more efficiently. In fact, compared to older motors, variable-speed motors are 30% more efficient and the amount of energy they use compared to single-speed motors goes down by between 50%-70%. Their motors built with magnets that spin the rotor makes them much more energy-efficient. This means they use less power and using less power makes them a more energy-efficient alternative. 

Our Expert Pick: Century Motors

Century® motors offer some of the most innovative variable speed pumps on the market and the VGreen Evo™ is no exception. The VGreen Evo features programming flexibility, so they can be programmed to run during the most efficient times of day and length of time, heavily cutting back on the energy-and-money-wasting run time of single-speed motors. This will save your pool customers thousands of dollars on energy costs. All done with the push of one button. Plus, VGreen Evo motors fit most swimming pools, making it an ideal replacement for customers looking to upgrade their pool pump for a more energy-efficient one.


Looking for energy-efficient pool and spa product alternatives for your pool and spa business? Contact us at Alpha West. Our pool and spa manufacturer representatives can provide you and your clients with the alternatives that you and they need.