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Fun Products to Add Ahead of the Coming Pool Season

Fun products to add ahead of pool season

For pool owners, now is the time of year to make plans for livening up the swimming area. Thankfully, there is no shortage of entertaining and innovative products available to bring renewed excitement to any backyard oasis. Many products bring the opportunity not just for fun but also for unique displays of style. Let’s explore some of the options available to pool owners this season.


More Pool Time, Less Maintenance

Nothing adds fun to a swim season like being able to enjoy more time in the pool. By taking the tediousness out of pool maintenance, Poolside Tech has revolutionized outdoor recreation with their groundbreaking automation system. The Attendant frees its users from excessive testing and monitoring while providing guaranteed protection against water quality issues or temperature inconsistencies. As a result, pool owners can spend even more time enjoying their favorite summer activities without worry.

By leveraging intelligent analysis, The Attendant helps pool owners reap real financial and environmental benefits. Considering parameters such as desired temperature and the weather forecast, The Attendant ensures pools are heated at exactly the right times — no more wasting electricity or gas to inefficiently maintain a pre-set schedule.

The Attendant + Chemistry provides pool owners with an automated solution that takes the guesswork out of maintaining their filter systems and sanitizers. This advanced technology can detect algae or heavy use in the swimming area, allowing for timely resolution to possible problems before they worsen. Additionally, filtration run times are automatically adjusted to ensure optimal energy efficiency. With its user-friendly mobile app interface, even those lacking technical experience feel comfortable managing and controlling equipment without any consequences on water quality or damage caused by errors.

The Attendant also brings fun to a whole new level with DMX lighting. Paired with PAL Lighting you can create entertaining light shows that sync with music from Spotify. Elevating the outdoor experience for not just the pool and spa area, but your landscaping lights too! 


Illuminating Fire Features

Fire features are a wonderful product to add ahead of pool season. Not only do they create an inviting atmosphere, but they also provide warmth and ambiance during the cooler spring and summer nights. Fire features come in a range of styles and sizes that can be customized to suit any pool area, making them perfect for pool parties or relaxing with friends and family. From fire pits to outdoor fireplaces, there is something for every pool owner and every aesthetic.

American Fire Glass is a phenomenal source for pool owners looking to enhance fire features in their pool setting. Their stunning products make the pool area look more inviting and elegant, in addition to providing warmth, an ambient glow, and a high level of safety. 

Relaxing Recreational Accessories

Recreational accessories like pool floats and pool chairs provide comfort, relaxation, and fun to every swimming pool. Not only do they provide extra seating for guests, but they also make it easier to interact in the pool with friends and family. 

Pool floats come in a variety of styles and sizes, so pool owners can find something that suits their needs perfectly. Pool chairs offer an additional level of comfort when lounging or gathering on hot summer days. By adding these recreational accessories, pool owners can easily create a more inviting atmosphere for their backyard oasis before pool season begins.

Ledge Lounger is renowned for their stylish and extremely durable poolside and in-pool seating options. This pool furniture comes in a variety of stylish designs that can easily be customized to fit any pool area. Not only do the pieces provide an extra level of comfort, but they also offer additional seating for pool guests. With the ability to customize these pool loungers, pool owners can easily create a unique pool paradise that is unique to their personal style.

Aqua Leisure®  offers top-of-the-line recreational accessories for pool owners. They offer a wide array of products, from pool chairs and pool toys to pool floats and loungers. With quality products designed for comfort and maximum relaxation, Aqua Leisure makes it easy to get any backyard ready ahead of pool season.


Sliding into Pool Season with Exciting Equipment

Pool owners can really amp up the summer fun and safety by adding slides, ladders, and diving boards to the pool area ahead of pool season. A new ladder or pool rail provides an extra layer of comfort and security in the backyard, while slides and diving boards provide plenty of fun in the sun. The addition of a new slide or diving board can also be a cost-effective way to refresh an older pool. 

Global Pool Products helps make pool season unforgettable, offering top-notch swimming apparatus with universal appeal. From eye-catching slides and ladders to robust diving boards and rails — all items are thoughtfully designed for both supreme safety and maximum fun.


Shedding Some Light Ahead of Pool Season

Adding LED lighting is a great way to add some extra fun and excitement to a pool area before the summer months begin. Not only do LED lights provide an inviting atmosphere for swimmers, but they also offer pool owners the opportunity to enjoy their pool into the night hours, enhancing visibility and, therefore, safety. With LED lighting, pool owners can easily transform their backyard oasis into something truly special that will be enjoyed by all who visit.

PAL Lighting  specializes in innovative pool lighting that truly performs. Offering pool owners 16 million colors at the swipe of a finger, these lights make it easy to curate the perfect pool atmosphere for every situation. 

Pool Season and Grill Season Go Hand and Hand

When pool season rolls around, adding a grill to the pool area enhances the fun and functionality of a backyard. Not only do grills provide the opportunity for cooking poolside, but they also bring family and friends together in an inviting atmosphere. With so many different types of grills available, pool owners can easily find something that suits their needs perfectly ahead of pool season. 

Bull Outdoor Products are loved by chefs and pool owners alike. The company is passionate about crafting top-of-the-line outdoor kitchen equipment. Armed with engineering expertise from California Polytechnic State University, they created ReliaBULL technology to guarantee a perfectly even grill surface every time. Unparalleled customer service ensures that Bull customers have an easy and stress-free ownership experience, backed by full warranties for added confidence in their products.

Now is the time of year that pool owners are gearing up for a wonderful summer full of incredible days spent at the pool with friends and family. By adding a few fun products ahead of the coming swim season, pool owners can launch into exciting new aquatic adventures.

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