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How to Replace Your Pool Filter Grids and Cartridges for Spring

pool manufacturer rep trains how to replace your pool filter

Spring is all about starting new, so it’s the perfect time to replace your pool filter grids and cartridges. Doing so will help ensure you have clean, clear water to look forward to all swim season long. 

Typically, pool filter cartridges are made to last between 3 and 5 years with proper care. The volume of the pool versus the filter surface size can help you in determining the length of time your cartridges and grids will last. Heavy pool usage, however, will increase the need for new grids and cartridges. 

Pool filter grids and cartridges can and should be cleaned on a regular basis — usually every three months or more often. Over time though, calcium, oils, sweat, dirt, leaves, body lotion and more build up in the filter. Cleaning can only be done so many times before you will start to notice issues. When cartridges are cleaned the fibers become looser, which makes them less capable of trapping fine particles. 

The Right Time for Cartridge Replacement

Some indicators that your cartridge is in need of replacement are:

  • Cloudy or discolored water
  • A pressure reading for your filter that is above the normal range (10-25 psi) that is occurring more frequently than usual. 
  • Obvious damage to the filter. When you have the cartridge out for cleaning, be sure to inspect both the fabric and the end caps. Rips or cracks in either are a clear sign that the filter’s capabilities are compromised and replacement is in order. 

Getting the Right Replacement Cartridge

If your pool filter grids and cartridges are due for replacement, getting that task taken care of ahead of the busy swim season is ideal. Here are the steps to finding the right replacement cartridge for your pool:

  • Measure both the diameter and length of your cartridge (in inches). When measuring the length, be sure to include the end caps. If you can measure through the center, that is optimal. 
  • Make note of the type of end cap and, if one end is open, measure the diameter of the opening.
  • Be sure to also take down the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and model number of the filter that your cartridges will be put into. 
  • Record whether or not the cartridge has a PVC core
  • Count the number of pleats

Cartridge Replacement 101

Once you have the right replacement cartridge, it’s time to get it installed so that you’re ready for another busy swim season. The steps for replacing your cartridge are quite simple:

  • Open the tank of your filter
  • Remove the old cartridge
  • Put the new cartridge in place, being sure to get it into the fitting at the bottom
  • Make sure that the o-ring is in good condition. If not, replace it.
  • Before replacing the top, make sure that there is no debris around the edge to ensure a proper seal.

FILBUR FiLink Simplifies Filter Replacement

Service professionals can easily track filter replacements with the FiLink app from FILBUR. To get started with FiLink, simply follow these steps:

  • Download the DirtMaster™ Dealer app
  • Once installation is complete, register your account
  • Add location and customer details
  • Click the plus icon to add a new filter
  • Ensure NFC is enabled on your smart device
  • Touch the NFC logo
  • When the device says “ready to scan”, place your device over the NFC FiLink chip on the end of the filter (scanning can take up to 15 seconds)
  • Scanning is complete when you hear the chime and see a blue checkmark on your screen
  • Add the system type and any other desired system notes
  • Review the details and you’re done!

Knowing When to Replace Grids

Those with a DE filter should be opening up their filter and cleaning the grids every three months or more often. DE filter grids can last for four or five years with proper care. 

During cleaning, the grids need to be looked over for damage. Tears in the grids can cause the diatomaceous earth to flow back out into the pool water. This shows up as a white or gray powdery substance on the bottom of the pool. Some other indicators that your grids are ready for replacement are:

  • Filter pressure goes up quickly
  • Grids are thinning
  • Grids are discolored and not easily cleaned

How to Replace Your Grids

If you’ve determined that it’s time to replace your grids, be sure to replace them all at once so that they are all working at the same capacity. Also replacing the grids all at once helps you to stay on track for grid replacement next time. These are the steps to take to replace pool filter grids:

  • Completely backwash the filter
  • Turn the pump off
  • Open the air bleeder and take out the drain plug
  • Take off the belly band clamp
  • Remove the upper part of the tank
  • Spray off the grids with hose water to remove any lingering diatomaceous earth 
  • Loosen the manifold wing nuts and remove the manifold
  • Take the old grids out and put the new grids in their place
  • Use the bottom spreader plate to properly space the grids
  • Tighten up the manifold wing nuts
  • Put the whole assembly back into the tank and add the lid and drain plug
  • Replace the clamp band and tighten back up
  • Open the valves and ensure that the air bleeder is open
  • Start the filter pump
  • Put DE powder in through the skimmer (you will need 1 pound of diatomaceous earth for every 5 square feet of surface area on the filter)

So, are you ready for your spring filter refresh at your pool and spa company? 

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Reach out if you have any questions about cartridge or grid replacement or want more information about the manufacturers and products we represent.