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American Fire Glass

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For industry professionals looking to add high-quality hearth products that are as eye-catching as they are long-lasting, there is American Fire Glass. These products provide both exceptional beauty and outstanding safety.

Despite the name, American Fire Glass offers much more than just glass fireplace products. In addition to high-quality tempered glass, they also provide fireproof Lite Stone balls, lava rock, gas fireplace logs, fire kits, burners, and other fireplace and fire pit parts and accessories.

An attention to detail, an exacting process, and a commitment to outstanding customer service are what truly define the American Fire Glass mindset. The company has built a reputation for excellence that sets them apart in the industry.

Hearth products need to incorporate exceptional safety, in addition to being durable and aesthetically pleasing. American Fire Glass checks all of these boxes, which is why they have built an outstanding industry reputation.

Started in 2004 by Matt and Kelly Doll, American Fire Glass has seen impressive growth since its inception. You can now find their products in the stores of practically every reputable hearth dealer across the United States and Canada.

Using state-of-the-art processes in the manufacturing process and employing rigorous quality control practices, American Fire Glass has gained a wide and loyal following. The products have become a favorite in many celebrity homes and can be seen in noteworthy hotels, restaurants, and venues across the US.

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Headquarters Location:
570 3rd St, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
american fire glass flame guard on fire pit

Maintain a Consistent Flame In Windy Weather

Sean Linderman |
June 17, 2022

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