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Lasco Fittings, Inc.

Manufacturer Information

LASCO Fittings specializes in quality injection-molded fittings, with an innovative product line specifically designed for residential and commercial pool and spa industry professionals. From a wide range of PVC pressure fittings and valves, their specialty components include pool sweep fittings, pool and spa hose adapters, wyes, venturi tees, and much more.

Their team is committed to creating sustainable products while providing their customers with the highest level of integrity, service, and value.

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Headquarters Location:
414 Morgan St, Brownsville, TN 38012

Meet the best sales team in the industry.


Paul Matthews

Vice President

Jared Schwab

Regional Manager

Joe Horner

Regional Manager

Todd Schwab

Regional Manager

Korey Wax

Regional Manager

Sean Linderman

Regional Manager

Frank Quiros

Regional Manager

Kyle Nouri

Regional Manager

James Mason

Marketing Consultant

Tim Dougherty