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Solenis is the global leading manufacturer of a wide selection of pool and spa water maintenance products for both residential and commercial pools and spas. Under their umbrella are the industry’s biggest top brands like Baquacil®, BaquaSpa®, poolife®, Leisure Time®, AquaSilk®, HTH™, and so many more. Its mission is to deliver superior pool and spa water quality solutions with outstanding results that enhance the pool and spa experience worldwide.

Interested in learning more about Solenis pool and spa water treatment products and brands? Or would you like to sign up for a product training and demonstration? Reach out to the Alpha West team of pool and spa manufacturer reps today!

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Headquarters Location:
1400 Bluegrass Lake Pkwy Alpharetta, GA 30004
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Paul Matthews

Vice President

Jared Schwab

Regional Manager

Joe Horner

Regional Manager

Todd Schwab

Regional Manager

Korey Wax

Regional Manager

Sean Linderman

Regional Manager

Frank Quiros

Regional Sales Representative

Yosef Lanham

Regional Manager

Chad Newton

Marketing Consultant

Tim Dougherty