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Operating a Pool or Spa Efficiently Throughout Winter

pool or spa efficiently throughout winter

Winter is quickly approaching, which means it’s time for pool and spa owners across the country to prepare their pool or spa for the cooler months that are ever encroaching closer on our calendars. Proper water care and maintenance will ensure that pools and spas stay running efficiently, keeping them both clean and comfortable all winter long. 

With that in mind, here are some tips to operate a pool or spa efficiently throughout winter.

Preparing to Operate a Pool or Spa Efficiently Throughout Winter

There are several basics that pool and spa owners should do to get their pool or spa ready for winter. First, they should clean the pool or spa thoroughly, removing any dirt, debris, or other contaminants that may have accumulated over the summer months and into the fall. They should also check the pH levels of the water and adjust them as needed to ensure optimal comfort and safety. Additionally, it’s important to shock the pool or spa to kill any bacteria or other organisms that could cause problems during the winter months.

Once the pool or spa is clean and ready for winter, there are a few different steps that can be taken to boost efficiency over the colder months.

Warmer Water in Cooler Weather

As the days get shorter, pool owners often look for ways to extend their pool season, and the easiest way to extend a pool season is to create a warmer, more inviting pool. Beyond that, in areas that become too cold for swimming (but don’t get cold enough to winterize the pool), a pool heater helps protect pool equipment in the event of a cold snap. 

Two of the most common heating options for keeping pool water warm throughout winter are pool heaters and heat pumps. However, heat pumps from manufacturers like AquaComfort Solutions are by far the most efficient pool heating solution. 

Unlike a gas pool heater, heat pumps work by transferring heat from the air to the water, making them an environmentally friendly option. And while most heat pumps only operate when temperatures are 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above, AquaComfort heat pumps operate in as low as 40-degree weather.

While hot tubs produce warm water on their own, there are a few ways to make heating a spa in the winter more energy efficient:

  • Use a cover: A good quality hot tub cover will help retain heat, which means the heater won’t have to work as hard to maintain the water temperature.
  • Insulate the walls and floor: This will help keep the heat in and lower energy costs.
  • Use a solar blanket: A solar blanket is a great way to heat the water for free. Simply place it over the hot tub when not in use and it will help trap the heat inside.

Switch to a Variable Speed Motor for Enhanced Efficiency

Another way to keep a pool or spa efficient through the wintry weather is with an energy efficient variable speed motor. Pools and spas require a lot of energy to run, particularly when they are working in a colder climate. The good news is that operating a pool and spa efficiently throughout winter doesn’t have to break the bank.

Pool owners and hot tub owners alike can save money on their energy bills just by making the switch to a variable speed motor like those from Century® Motors. Owners can save 80 to 90% on energy costs by switching from a single speed to a variable-speed motor. 

In addition, variable speed motors run quieter than traditional single or dual speed pool and spa motors, making time in the pool or hot tub more peaceful than ever. And the design of variable speed motors enhances their durability, making them a solid investment.

Balance Pool and Spa Chemicals

While some pool owners may assume that their days of careful water care are over once swim season comes to a close, the truth is that there is still much to monitor for those who choose to keep their pools open. 

As the temperature begins to drop, pool owners need to pay close attention to their water’s chemical balance. In the winter, it’s important to maintain a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6, as well as a chlorine level of 1-3 ppm (parts per million). The best way to achieve and maintain these levels is to use a quality pool and spa chemical such as the products from a trusted chemical manufacturer like Solenis™

Solenis pool and spa chemicals are designed to work efficiently in all types of pool and spa water, including saltwater pools. Cleaner water is more efficient water, and better chemicals mean that swimmers and spa-goers can enjoy clean water all year long.

Keep Pools and Spas Efficient with a High Quality Filter

Filtration is always an important part of pool and spa care, no matter what time of year it is. And, as the seasons change, mother nature brings a plethora of new contaminants for pool and spa water to collect. But, if a good filter is already in use, it can help the rest of the equipment work better to create a cleaner, more inviting pool or tub of water. Owners can have confidence in high quality filters for their pool and spa with products from quality manufacturers like FILBUR

However, having a high quality filter is only one part of operating a pool or spa efficiently throughout winter. There are a few added tips that pool and spa owners should keep in mind as they look to maintain filtration efficiency throughout the winter months.

  • Check and clean pool and spa filters regularly: Depending on the type of pool or spa filter being used, it may need to be cleaned as often as every week or two.
  • Use a pool or spa filter system: A pool or spa filter system can do wonders for keeping the water clean and clear.
  • Inspect pool and spa plumbing: It’s important to make sure all of the pool and spa equipment is in good working order, especially in the winter. Any cracks or leaks in pool or spa plumbing can allow cold water to enter and make the pool or spa less efficient.


By following these simple tips, pool and spa owners can help their filtration system work more efficiently and be better prepared for the winter months ahead.

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