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Pool Upkeep Considerations for Fall

Pool upkeep for fall

It’s easy to see why some pool owners become complacent with pool care in the fall. The height of swim season has passed, kids are back and school, and everyone seems to be back to a fast-paced routine. What so often gets overlooked is the extra care that pools need in the fall to keep issues at bay and maintain the integrity of the pool system. With that in mind, we have some key pool upkeep considerations for fall.

Stay Diligent with Upkeep Tasks

After a summer of activity in the pool, bringing sunscreen, sweat, detergents, cosmetics, and more into the water, filters are in need of some added attention. Fall also brings an abundance of extra debris to the water. Falling leaves, dust and dirt from wind storms, and other organic material end up in the pool.

While pool usage may slow down in the fall, those who choose to keep swimming need to stay vigilant about pool care. There may not be as many swimmers in the water on a daily basis, but the extra debris being blown around and tracked in adds to particles in the water. Staying on top of pool maintenance is essential for an extended pool season.

Regularly skimming debris or running the automatic pool cleaner reduces the risk of staining and of algae growth. In addition, staying on top of checking the skimmer baskets and cleaning or replacing the filter goes a long way to maintaining an inviting fall pool.

How Fallen Leaves Affect Water Chemistry

There is more to leaf removal than just keeping the pool looking clean. Leaves are typically acidic (often with pH under 6) so they can affect water chemistry. But that’s only the beginning; as leaves sit in the water and start to break down, phosphorus is released. Algae loves to feed on phosphorus, so leaving leaves in the pool leads to larger issues very quickly. 

If algae has taken hold, it’s imperative that the bloom is treated immediately. Algae is incredibly efficient at reproducing, often doubling in a matter of a few hours. Applied Biochemists® Swimtrine® Plus Algaecide incorporates copper (9.3%) to quickly and effectively attack both green and mustard algae blooms, and can be used in chlorine, bromine, saltwater, mineral, and ozone pools.

pool upkeep from solenis

Choose a Cartridge Filter that Seals

If a cartridge filter has been cleaned and it’s still leaving behind organic debris, then it probably isn’t fitting tightly enough into the manifold. The original filters that come with the system are custom-made to fit the exact manifold. Once those filters need to be replaced, pool owners are faced with multiple options from a variety of manufacturers.


pool upkeep from filbur


Filter manufacturers try to create filters that will fit a variety of different manifolds, but many fall short of sealing tightly in place. Once a filter starts to get older and filled with debris and the water isn’t flowing easily through the fibers, there is more pressure on the connection point between the end of the filter and the manifold. If the seal isn’t strong, that debris-filled water begins to flow through the connection point and ends up back in the pool.



To combat this issue, Filbur filters use a flexible and expandable urethane for the ends of their filters. These ends create a positive seal with the manifold so that the water has to move through the filter material rather than flowing through the ends and carrying debris out with it.

Prevent and Eradicate Leaf Stains

Stains from leaves are caused by the tannin oils leaking out of the plant debris that 

breaks down and dissolves in the water. Most trees and plants contain tannin oils, which is why it’s important to stay on top of removing all plant matter from the pool. Leaf stains typically show up as brown stains that pool owners sometimes mistake for dirt. Unlike dirt, however, the marks won’t brush away. It’s important to note that if the skimmer basket isn’t emptied on a regular basis, it can also develop leaf staining.

Removing Leaf Stains 

pool upkeep from solenis

  • Start by skimming all leaves from the pool.
  • Thoroughly clean the filter and empty the skimmer basket
  • Brush the pool walls and floor with an appropriate brush for the type of pool.
  • Vacuum the pool to get rid of any debris.
  • Balance the pool water.
  • Shock the pool. 
  • You may brush the pool again after adding the shock to help loosen stains.
  • If the stains remain, a more focused treatment may be required. For concrete pools, granular chlorine can be directly applied over the stain. Vinyl liner pools will need to have the chlorine dissolved and then applied to the stain.
  • Extra stubborn stains may require the use of a stain eraser. These tools come in different varieties for different pool types and offer mild abrasion to help scrub away the stain.

Add Backup for Saltwater Pools

Salt generators are designed to ionize the salt cell and convert the saltwater to chlorine. That said, when temperatures dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the generator becomes inefficient. For this reason, many saltwater generators are made to shut down when temperatures get below 60. 

The reason that saltwater generators are inefficient in cooler temperatures is because the saltwater becomes less conductive. The ions require higher temperatures to separate and then also to rebind.


chlorine for fall pool upkeep


chlorine floater for fall pool upkeep

Saltwater pool owners who live in areas that see temperatures below 60 and choose not to heat their pool through the fall will need to add chlorine themselves. A floating pool chlorinator often works well for this purpose.

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