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Products that Take a Pool Build to the Next Level

pool build with a swimming pool, waterfall, and pergola

Soon-to-be pool owners are regularly looking for the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer. They often want their pool build to include stand-out features that give their new oasis a one-of-a-kind look. In addition, they want to add products that make pool maintenance as simple as possible so that there is plenty of time for relaxation. 

Fortunately, there are high-quality products available to do both. At Alpha West, we are always talking to our pool builder clients about the types of products their customers are asking for and are regularly meeting with our manufacturers to pass on industry feedback regarding gaps in the pool build market. We are also always on the lookout for exceptional products that meet the needs of our clients so that we are able to make informed recommendations on product options.

That back and forth ultimately results in pool customers getting products that set the bar exceptionally high from the moment their pool is complete. With that sentiment in mind, here are three outstanding products that take a pool build to the next level.

Advanced LED Lighting

Pool owners love to head out to the pool on a hot, sunny day for a refreshing soak. That said, swimming at night also has its appeal. There’s something incredibly relaxing about a nighttime swim and for those summer parties, the option to swim in the evening means that the fun can continue once the sun goes down.

However, night swimming comes with its own set of challenges. If a backyard isn’t well-lit, safety is reduced. In-pool lighting is a fantastic option for anyone who plans to swim after the sun goes down. With in-pool lighting installed, the edges of the pool are well defined, markings to show depth are clearer, and swimmers are able to better keep an eye on one another. 

As an added bonus, the overall aesthetic is enhanced with in-pool lights. Homeowners have the ability to change the mood of their yard space by adjusting the color of their in-pool lights.

Why Use LED Specifically?

Many people question why LED lighting is used in a pool over halogen lights, which are known for their brightness. While halogen bulbs provide a concentrated stream of bright light, pools typically require a more evenly dispersed form of light for it to be effective. You don’t want just a small stream of illumination when you’re swimming through the pool at night; you want to be able to see clearly throughout. LEDs provide that.

Quality Matters for Your Pool Build

As with all products, there is a wide range of quality when it comes to in-pool LED lighting. CMP’s Brilliant Wonders LED lights are available in a variety of sizes and for a range of needs including lights for pool walls, bubblers, waterfalls, and more. CMP Brilliant Wonders LED lights feature:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart Sync (making the lights compatible with all major systems and controls)
  • Works with vinyl liner, fiberglass, and gunite
  • Can be installed in a regular 1.5” fitting. No bonding needed.
  • Lights can be quickly replaced (within 30 seconds) with the waterproof Quick Disconnect feature.
  • Available in Flangeless, Stainless Steel, Full Plastic, and Stainless Steel Color Accent
  • The available Dry Conduit Wall Fitting keeps water out to protect from freezing in colder areas.


Superior Deck Sealant

The deck around a pool and any in-pool concrete, stone, or masonry features are built to last, but they still need quality protection to keep them looking and performing optimally for years to come. As pool areas are prone to water damage, using products that inhibit water penetration is vital. Applying a high-quality sealant product during the build is recommended as this means that surfaces are protected while they are free from cracks and wear.

Deck-O-Shield by Deck-O-Seal is a water-repellent sealer that is ideal for use on concrete, stonework, and masonry surfaces. The product comes ready to apply and is water-based. Once dry, Deck-O-Shield inhibits water penetration. This means that salt is less likely to penetrate the treated surfaces, which means reduced staining and whitening. 

Deck-O-Shield can be used to protect:

  • Concrete decks
  • Natural stone decks
  • Natural Stone walkways
  • Waterfalls
  • Masonry patios
  • And more


Another potential pool building issue that Deck-O-Shield adeptly avoids is the altering of color. Some sealers, once applied, change the appearance of the surface they are applied to. Deck-O-Shield does not alter the color or overall look of the surfaces it’s protecting. However, appearance isn’t the only advantage Deck-O-Shield provides. Here are some key features:

  • Allows moisture to escape
  • Penetrates the material rather than providing a film over top
  • Non-staining
  • Inhibits the penetration of other particles that could otherwise stain the surface 
  • Reduces efflorescence and rust staining

Luxury Safe, Seamless, Stunning Landscape Covers

While people love to think of pools as just a refreshing body of water, we all know that there is much more going on behind the scenes — at least, we want it to be behind the scenes. There are a wide range of components that keep a pool functioning as expected. Unfortunately, those components are not as attractive as the pool of water itself. That said, with the right products, pool components can virtually vanish into their surroundings.

Luxury landscape covers are made to blend into an outdoor space to hide away pool access points, skimmers, and drains. HIDE landscape covers offer a top-notch solution for pool owners who want an uninterrupted high-end backyard look. HIDE covers can be fitted on-site, offer a flush finish, prevent stone and tile breakage and chips, work for new builds and upgrades, provide a high-end finish at an affordable price, are pool-safety compliant, and come with a 10-year warranty.

HIDE Kits Include:

  • A stainless steel safety key for safely opening and closing the HIDE lid.
  • A height adjuster – giving extra height if the inlay material being used needs added thickness to provide a flush finish
  • An inlay lid that holds the landscaping materials that match those used in the surrounding area.
  • A stainless steel edge protector frame that shields the edges of the material from chipping and breakage when the lid is opened and closed.



At Alpha West, we represent only top-quality products by exceptional manufacturers. To discover more about our manufacturers and their products or to learn more about what we do, get in touch with us at