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What Pool Products Make the Pool Water Clear?

Alpha West pool and spa rep with a clear water pool

As pool and spa professionals, we can only imagine how many calls you get from clients and customers about cloudy and dirty pool water. And, of course, you want to address this issue so that your clients and customers can enjoy swimming in clean pool water. With so many products out there on the market, however, it may not be obvious which exact ones keep pool water clear. Here’s where Alpha West’s pool manufacturer reps can help. When your customers come to you looking for a solution for green or cloudy pool water, here are products for a quick fix to make it clear again.

Clear Pool Water & Pool Filters

filbur filters
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As pool and spa professionals know, the purpose of pool filters is to keep the pool’s water free of dirt and debris. We are all too familiar with a dirty filter that ends up leaving particles in the water, thus creating cloudy water. When cleaning a filter twice a year or replacing the cartridge once a season doesn’t work, further action may need to be taken if a filter is broken, faulty, or just seen its day.

If this is the case, FILBUR™ Pool and Spa Filtration have what you need. They sell long-lasting pool and spa filter cartridges and 100% biodegradable filter cleaner. Built for tough conditions, Filbur has been the pro’s pick due to decades of being a high-performing, durable, and affordable replacement cartridge filter and D.E grids. 

Clear Pool Water & Pool Vacuums 

While filters do collect dirt and debris from pool water, they don’t get everything. This is why pool vacuums are a vital addition to any pool professional’s toolbelt. Not only do they clean deep, but they also help maintain a water’s balance and keep a pool’s chemicals working effectively. So which pool vacuum do you need to get the job done?  

pool vacuum for professionals

Water Tech™ offers a large selection of battery-powered, robotic, and cordless vacuums that can be used for both residential and commercial pools and spas. We can find you what you need, whether it’s a vacuum that’s for light use or one that can take on more serious clean-ups.

Clear Pool Water & Test Strips

AquaChek® Pool & Spa Testing offers a variety of products such as test strips and meters that test a pool’s levels of chlorine, biguanide, bromine, and saltwater. Readings from these test strips and meters can help both pool owners and service technicians determine what chemicals a pool needs to clear up the water. A very commonly overlooked tip is to maintain the correct pH, this helps keep the water clear by keeping the calcium in solution! 

Clear Pool Water & Mineral Technology

PoolRX™ makes a solution that helps you get that clear water you’re looking for. Just add PoolRX to a pool’s skimmer or pump basket and it will start getting rid of existing algae and will prevent new algae from growing. PoolRX clears water in both residential and commercial use and pools with salt systems, as well. No more algae, no more phosphate removers, and no more green pools!

Clear Pool Water & AOP, UVC, and Ozone System

An advanced oxidation process (AOP) when paired with an Ozone and UVC system is another powerful tool to keep pool water clear and clean. This system obliterates contaminants – even those resistant to chlorine – through an innovative oxidation reaction and UV light technology rather than chemicals. It also clarifies the water, making it even clearer than with chlorine alone.

If you’re in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, and Idaho territories, Alpha West can help you and your clients get the clear pool water they’re looking for with our manufacturers’ products. Contact us today!