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Leisure Time® Quick Start Spa Kits Give New Spa Owners a Jump Start

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Leisure Time® has new hot tub owners covered with their brand new Quick Start Spa Kits. These two comprehensive kits, one for chlorine systems and the other for bromine systems, are designed to simplify the process of hot tub care, making it easier than ever for new spa owners to get started with learning to keep their hot tub clean, clear, and ready for relaxation.

Chlorine Spa Kits: Spa Maintenance Made Easy

Leisure Time Chlorine spa kits

Leisure Time Chlorine Quick Start Spa Kit includes all the essentials they need to maintain a hot tub with ease. Here’s what’s inside.

Chlorine Granules (1 lb.)

Specifically formulated for hot tubs, these granules effectively sanitize and shock hot water to keep it clean and clear. They eliminate murky water and help maintain crystal clarity.

Renew (1.35 lbs.)

This non-chlorine shock oxidizer treatment is a game changer, with a buffering agent that eradicates unpleasant odors and restores crystal-clear water by targeting and removing organic substances.

Foam Out (16 oz.)

Leisure Time Foam Out is a concentrated foam suppressant that’s not oily. It is specifically designed for use in hot water, ensuring that foam stays away.

Test Strips (10 strips) 

Each strip tests for free chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, pH, and total hardness, allowing hot tub owners to keep the water balanced and the spa in top condition.

Bromine Spa Kits: A Chlorine-Free Hot Tub Experience

Leisure Time Bromine spa kits

For those who prefer the benefits of bromine over chlorine, Leisure Time’s Bromine Quick Start Spa Kit is the perfect choice. The kit includes everything you need for proper spa care.

Bromine Tablets (3.5 oz.)

These tablets effectively sanitize spa water without the smell of chlorine. Hot tub owners will enjoy all the benefits of clean and clear water with a chlorine alternative.

Sodium Bromide (2 oz.)

New hot tub owners can create an upfront bromide reserve with Leisure Time Sodium Bromide. It simplifies setting up a new hot tub bromine system, making it quicker to start on the journey of hot tub relaxation.

Renew (1.35 lbs.)

Just like in the chlorine kit, Renew in the bromine kit helps eliminate odors and clears cloudy water. 

Foam Out (16 oz.)

Keep foam at bay with this concentrated foam suppressant, specially designed for hot water use.

Test Strips (10 strips)

These test strips ensure that spa water remains perfectly balanced, allowing users to enjoy their hot tub without any worries.

Leisure Time Stands for Quality

Leisure Time has been a trusted name in spa care for years, and their Quick Start Spa Kits are a testament to their commitment to simplifying hot tub maintenance for everyone. New spa owners can relax with confidence, knowing that their hot tub is well maintained and that they’ve learned the basics of hot tub water care.

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