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Why are Pool Products Increasing in Price?

At Alpha West Marketing Group, we try to stay on top of industry trends, so we can provide you with the latest, most up-to-date information about the pool and spa industry. Based on current market conditions, here are the pool products price increases we’re predicting for 2022.

Why Are Pool Product Prices Increasing? 

The price of pool products has increased, and will continue to increase, for a variety of reasons

Pool Product Price Increases & The COVID-19 Pandemic

Maybe you have noticed that during and since the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • It has taken longer to receive items that you’ve ordered online
  • Stores are often short on products
  • The equipment that you need when it comes to construction is hard to find

This has all greatly affected the pool and spa industry. For the most part, pool and spa companies were still able to perform pool and spa services throughout COVID-19. However, they did not always have an easy time finding the supplies they needed for construction, equipment repairs and equipment replacements.

While things have certainly gotten better with the pandemic, people are still facing issues with supply shortages. Product demand is up while supplies are low, which is contributing to price increases within the pool industry.    

The Number of Pools Has Increased

pool builders constructing a new pool during the pandemic

Due to the increase in pool and spa demand, more and more people are building new pools or updating their current ones. In fact, the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance reported that the pool industry recently saw a huge amount of growth, which looks like it’s continuing.

This higher number of pools means that a higher number of materials are being used. However, manufacturers are unable to meet the current demand, which, as mentioned above, is having an effect on prices within the pool industry.  

Pool Product Price Increases & The Chlorine Shortage

In the midst of it already being difficult to get chlorine, Hurricane Laura damaged a major chlorine manufacturing plant in 2020. This had a huge impact on the cost of chlorine. For example, certain chlorine tablets, specifically Trichlor tablets, doubled in price as a result of the manufacturing plant burning down. And this chlorine price increase trend will continue into 2022.  

Pool Season has Expanded

When many people think of pool season, they think of May through early September (depending on where exactly you’re located). For years, it seemed like Memorial Day weekend was the official kickoff to pool season and Labor Day weekend was the last hoorah.

However, temperatures everywhere are changing, which is having an effect on the traditional “pool season.” It’s getting warmer earlier in certain areas and that warmer weather is lasting longer into the calendar year.

This means that people are using their pools or swimming in public pools for more months out of the year. And when you use a pool more often there is going to be the need for more pool products. When there’s more demand for a product (and shortages on many products), store owners and manufacturers have the opportunity to increase the prices on these products.

Despite pool product price increases, Alpha West is committed to helping our customers and clients find the best pool and spa products that are out there on the market. Contact one of our manufacturer reps today and tell us how we can help.