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Upgrade and Protect Your Backyard Experience This Year

The Backyard Experience

In the past several years, the backyard experience has become more of an extension of indoor living spaces and a reflection of individual lifestyle. As such, in 2024 it only makes sense that finding the right products both elevates the outdoor experience and protects the homeowner investment. So let’s delve into some of the leading products that are redefining backyard quality and luxury for homeowners.

A Backyard Culinary Revolution

Grilling is a popular activity, yet it often comes with the challenge of uneven heating. This issue leads to inconsistent results, with some areas of the grill reaching high temperatures for searing, while others struggle to cook food thoroughly. The frustration of managing this imbalance often detracts from the enjoyment and efficiency of grilling, as cooks are forced to constantly move food items around to achieve even cooking. 

Bull® Grills, already renowned for their exceptional outdoor cooking products, took a quantum leap with the introduction of ReliaBULL™ technology. Developed in collaboration with engineering experts from California Polytechnic, the innovation has revolutionized grilling. ReliaBULL technology enhances heat distribution across the entire grill surface by an impressive 250 percent. This breakthrough addresses uneven heating head on. 

With the introduction of ReliaBULL flame tamers, the grill surface offers a consistent temperature, effectively eliminating frustrating hot and cold spots. This makes the whole surface of the grill an effective cooking area, allowing for more efficient and enjoyable grilling experiences. The second generation of ReliaBULL technology further refines this experience with improved outdoor stainless steel grill burners and an even heat baffle design, so that every meal is grilled to perfection.

Crafting the Perfect Ambiance

When the sun dips down, there is still plenty of outdoor enjoyment to be had, but proper lighting needs to be in place to illuminate the setting. PAL® Lighting has emerged as a frontrunner in pool lighting, offering a spectrum of innovative options that transform pool and outdoor areas into captivating visual experiences. Their lighting solutions go beyond traditional illumination; they are an artistic tool for creating atmospheres.  

These lights are not just aesthetically pleasing but also engineered for energy efficiency and durability, making them a smart and sustainable choice for any pool owner. Whether it’s to highlight the pool’s architectural features or to set the mood for special occasions, PAL Lighting’s solutions offer unparalleled versatility and style in pool illumination. The brand’s ColorTouch technology elevates pool lighting to new heights of customization. It allows pool owners to select from an extensive palette of 16 million colors, providing the freedom to create and adjust the ambiance to their precise preferences.

Managing PAL lighting systems is also exceptionally user friendly, thanks to intuitive control options. Users can effortlessly adjust settings through a remote control or using a smart device app, making the customization of lighting as simple as a finger swipe on a color wheel. This flexibility extends to brightness adjustment and fine-tuning of the ambiance from any location. Additionally, the smart app enhances functionality by enabling easy naming of channels, which provides the simultaneous control of other pool-related equipment along with the lighting.

The Shield for Your Outdoor Investment

Attention to the pool deck and surrounding areas is essential to backyard enjoyment and safety. Deck-O-Seal® recognizes this need and offers a comprehensive lineup of products tailored for enhancing the durability and aesthetics of concrete pool constructions. Their versatile product line extends beyond concrete, also benefiting natural stone, tile, and brick pavers.

The Deck-O-Seal array of sealers, joint sealants, and plastic drainage systems play a pivotal role in preserving the beauty and integrity of various outdoor surfaces. Whether it’s a deck, walkway, patio, waterfall, or coping, the high-quality solutions provided by Deck-O-Seal mean that these areas not only endure over time but also maintain their visual appeal. 

Elegance Meets Functionality

Fire serves a dual purpose in outdoor settings, providing both warmth and a captivating focal point. Design Cast® has established itself as a leader in providing high-quality concrete and GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) products, evident in their exquisite concrete fire bowls and fire tables. These eye-catching elements are a testament to Design Cast’s commitment to excellence, combining artistic design with lasting durability. These GFRC products represent a significant advancement in the field, offering enhanced strength and durability while being lighter than traditional concrete. This makes them not only long-lasting but also versatile and easier to install in various outdoor settings. The use of high-quality materials means that these fire bowls withstand the elements, maintaining their beauty and structural integrity over time.

Design Cast’s expertise in concrete and GFRC products includes a wide array of other items such as planters, benches, and decorative elements, allowing for a cohesive and elegant outdoor design theme. This versatility highlights Design Cast’s role as a contributor to the overall aesthetic and functionality of outdoor living spaces.

The Vanguard of Pool Health and Safety

A pool is a showpiece and gathering area of any backyard space. And central to maintaining a clean and safe pool is the selection of superior pool chemicals. The market offers a vast array of choices, yet the quality of these products varies significantly. Certain brands have stood the test of time due to their dedication to quality and efficacy, whereas others quickly fade away, often due to their lack of effectiveness or reliability.

Solenis®, through its range of exceptional brands, is redefining pool water care with leading-edge and tailored solutions. GLB® has become synonymous with innovation in pool care, known for its unique formulations that offer more than just basic sanitization. Their sanitizers, featuring built-in clarifiers, exemplify this quality, performing a dual-action role by enhancing water clarity while maintaining high hygiene levels. This multifaceted approach not only provides efficient sanitation but also reduces the need for adjustment, presenting a cost-effective and efficient solution for pool owners.

Applied BioChemists® distinguish themselves by providing specialized solutions designed to meet specific pool sanitation challenges. Their targeted product range addresses a variety of issues, from hard water conditions to high bather loads. What makes their formulations stand out is their dual focus: efficiently sanitizing pool water and protecting pool surfaces and equipment. This approach promotes the longevity of the pool infrastructure, reducing maintenance costs and safeguarding the investment.

Revolutionizing Pool Heating

In areas with milder winters, the addition of a pool heat pump can significantly transform the use of outdoor spaces, allowing for affordable year-round swimming. Unlike traditional heating methods, heat pumps do not generate heat directly. Instead, they work by extracting heat from the surrounding air, even in cooler conditions, and then amplifying that heat using a refrigerant cycle before transferring it to the pool water. Much like a home heating system, heat pumps run at a lower speed once the desired temperature has been reached. This process is highly energy-efficient, resulting in lower operational costs compared to other heating methods. 

PAL® Even Heat® inverter heat pumps represent a major advancement in pool heating technology. These heat pumps are engineered for exceptional efficiency, adapting their output to provide consistent and even heating. A PAL TSI heat pump stands out by offering an impressive capability to maintain pool water at a comfortable 85 degrees all year round. Notably, it achieves this while operating quietly, meaning that the tranquil environment of the outdoor space remains undisturbed.

When comparing the installation costs and capabilities of pool solar heating versus an inverter heat pump, a few key differences emerge. While solar pool heating is also an eco-friendly option, it primarily serves to extend the swimming season rather than providing a year-round solution. And its effectiveness is dependent on sufficient sunlight, which can be variable. Those who choose solar pool heating must also consider roof or yard space for housing the panels.

On the other hand, a heat pump offers a more consistent and reliable heating solution, capable of maintaining the desired pool temperature throughout the year. The initial investment in a heat pump is similar to the cost of solar heating, but its ability to provide consistent, year-round heating with minimal operational costs makes it an economically advantageous option.

The backyard experience has transcended traditional boundaries, thanks to innovative products that offer both luxury and protection. These advancements enhance the joy of outdoor living while protecting the investment made. As backyards continue to evolve, these products stand as a testament to the blend of functionality, style, and sustainability that defines the modern outdoor experience.

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