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For pool builder professionals who are looking for high-quality products to protect their hard work and keep their projects looking and performing as they did the day they were completed, there is the DECK-O-SEAL line of products.

As a division of the 96-year-old concrete construction products manufacturer, W. R. MEADOWS, DECK-O-SEAL is made by and for those who truly know the pool industry. This line of concrete pool construction products is both extraordinarily tough and beauty-enhancing. And DECK-O-SEAL products are not only for concrete — they are manufactured be used to protect and complement natural stone, tile, and brick pavers.

The line consists of sealers, joint sealants, and plastic drainage systems for decks. Decks, walkways, patios, waterfalls, and copings can all benefit from the exceptional protection of the DECK-O-SEAL product line. Pool professionals can rest easy, knowing that both the integrity of their build and the artistry of their design is secured.

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Headquarters Location:
2555 NE 33rd St., Fort Worth, TX 76111

Enhance Longevity and Safety on Concrete Surfaces with Deck-O-Grip Sealer

Sean Linderman |
February 12, 2024

Meet the best sales team in the industry.


Paul Matthews

Vice President

Jared Schwab

Regional Manager

Joe Horner

Regional Manager

Todd Schwab

Regional Manager

Korey Wax

Regional Manager

Sean Linderman

Regional Manager

Frank Quiros

Regional Sales Representative

Yosef Lanham

Regional Manager

Chad Newton

Marketing Consultant

Tim Dougherty