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Explore GLB®’s Comprehensive Line of Pool Shock Products

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Pool shock products play a crucial role in ensuring water clarity and safety. GLB’s fast-acting, multi-purpose lineup of shock products is designed to ensure clean and healthy water. Powered by extensive research and proven effectiveness, these high-quality formulas guarantee exceptional results. Here’s a breakdown of GLB’s shock offerings.

GLB® Shoxidizer®

GLB’s popular Shoxidizer  is the perfect solution for preventing dull and hazy water in the pool. This specially formulated product offers a potent combination of oxidation and organic contaminant elimination, resulting in water that is brilliantly clear and sparkling.

What distinguishes Shoxidizer from others is its unique buffered formula, ensuring that water balance remains undisturbed. The pH and total alkalinity of the pool water stay consistent, providing pool owners with peace of mind.

To maintain crystal clear water, simply add 1 lb. of Shoxidizer per 10,000 gallons of pool water on a weekly basis. This will ensure ongoing protection against contaminants. For pool openings or closings, a dose of 2 lbs. per 10,000 gallons will effectively eliminate organic contaminants, preparing the water for a fresh start.

Swimmers can safely resume swimming just 15 minutes after treatment, thanks to the quick-acting nature of the product. Shoxidizer is compatible with various sanitizing systems, including chlorine, bromine, ozone, and saltwater chlorine, making it a versatile choice for different pool setups.

GLB® Super Charge II

GLB® Super Charge II is a highly effective and versatile product that allows pool owners to achieve a pristine and algae-free pool. It not only sanitizes the pool but also prevents algae growth and provides effective shock treatment.

Super Charge II’s easy-to-use formula eliminates the hassle of pool maintenance while ensuring the pool remains properly balanced without over-stabilizing the water.

The product contains a potent 47.6 percent available chlorine concentration. Just 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons of pool water is enough for optimal results. FYI – thats about 45% stronger than liquid chlorine. For best results, users should add Super Charge II during the evening hours. It is compatible with both chlorine and saltwater chlorine pools.

GLB® SuperSonic

GLB® SuperSonic is a powerful formula that not only sanitizes the pool but also effectively prevents algae growth while maintaining a perfect balance in the pool water, without causing over-stabilization.

SuperSonic is safe for all pool surfaces and leaves no residue behind. With a high concentration of 73 percent available chlorine, this product ensures the pool water remains pristine.

Using SuperSonic is quick and easy. To use, add 1 lb. of the product per 10,000 gallons of water directly to the pool, preferably during the evening hours. SuperSonic is compatible with both chlorine and saltwater chlorine sanitizing systems, providing versatility and convenience.

GLB® Super Charge

Super Charge granular shock oxidizer is a specialized formula designed to super chlorinate the pool and achieve optimal water cleanliness. This powerful Cal Hypo product destroys bacteria, kills algae, and eradicates organic contaminants, ensuring crystal clear pool water.

Super Charge is compatible with both chlorine and saltwater chlorine pools, making it a versatile choice for all types of pool owners. 

GLB® Oxy-Brite®

In just one step, GLB Oxy-Brite’s non-chlorine, powerful formula creates sparkling water and eliminates contaminants that cause odor and irritation. Pool owners can achieve crystal clear results and a brightened appearance, thanks to the product’s unique blue water brightening crystals.

To treat up to 10,000 gallons of water effectively, use 1 lb. of GLB Oxy Brite per week. Swimmers can safely return to the pool just 15 minutes after treatment. GLB® Oxy-Brite works seamlessly with various pool sanitizers.

GLB’s lineup of pool shock products presents a comprehensive and powerful solution to all pool owners’ water care needs. Curious to learn more about the highly regarded GLB water care products? Connect with your Alpha West representative today. If you don’t have a pool manufacturer rep yet, explore our territories map or reach out to us at for assistance.