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DuraBull™ Outdoor Kitchen Series is the Ultimate in Elegance and Functionality

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Known for their ground-breaking grill advancements, Bull® is introducing a revolution in outdoor kitchen products — the DuraBull™ Outdoor Kitchen series. This collection stands alone as the ultimate choice for outdoor kitchens. Crafted with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these kitchens seamlessly blend sophistication and elegance.

Every aspect of the design and execution showcases meticulous attention to detail. From the embossed and edged doors to the innovative hidden joinery technology, the DuraBull line offers timeless style and contemporary curves that breathe new life into any outdoor living space.

One standout of the DuraBull range is the Augusta Outdoor Kitchen. With its spacious bar seating area, it becomes the perfect hub for hosting large gatherings. It also provides ample storage space for all of the grilling essentials, streamlining the preparation of meals.

A DuraBull outdoor kitchen

But the Augusta Outdoor Kitchen offers much more than storage and seating. Even the most discerning grill enthusiasts will be blown away by the luxurious grilling experience it offers. Equipped with Bull’s flagship Angus 4-burner premium stainless-steel gas grill, the sophisticated technology ensures flawlessly cooked results every time.

The DuraBull Outdoor Kitchen line from Bull is paving the way for the future of outdoor living. Its cutting-edge materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, and thoughtful design establish it as a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living space. 

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