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Boss Products Make Spring Pool Repairs a Breeze

As springtime approaches, pool owners have a unique opportunity to upgrade and repair their pools for the busy swim season ahead. Finding products that are both easy to use and high-performing can be challenging; but BOSS® Products offers an array of reliable options, including BOSS® 323 HI-TEMP blue gasket maker and BOSS® 615 silicone lubricant. These products deliver easy maintenance with an unbeatable combination of convenience and quality.

Get the job done quickly and effectively with BOSS® 323 HI-TEMP blue gasket maker pressure can. This product is the ideal solution for creating a waterproof seal in seconds. BOSS 323 forms a tough, waterproof seal when used intermittently on cover plates, hose connections, or valve covers — all the way up to 550°F. It’s perfect for use in extreme environments, such as in high temperatures and around caustic materials. 

The BOSS® 323 HI-TEMP blue gasket maker provides a durable, dependable solution for emergency repair scenarios. Its pressurized can means that the entire contents can be used right away — an economical benefit compared with traditional tubes which are often discarded when only partially used.

BOSS 615 silicone lubricant is designed to be a practical solution for everyday life. Its dry-film, colorless formula creates an effective, protective layer on most surfaces while providing superior protection against water and corrosion damage. And the included extension tube helps reach difficult spots.

This non-toxic lubricant meets FDA and USDA regulations for food processing safety, meaning that it’s the ideal choice for use in and around swimming pools, as pool water needs to be safe to ingest. 

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