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FILBUR’s PURE ‘n CLEAN Effectively Clears Cartridge Filters

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Cleaning a pool or spa cartridge filter is an important task in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of a filtration system. And after heavy storm activity, it’s particularly important to pull the filters out for additional cleaning. 

Over time, calcium within pool and spa water combines with organics such as body oils, sweat, dust, dirt, debris from trees, and more. This build-up gets lodged deep within the filter media and can be challenging to unstick and remove. There are four traditional methods for cleaning a cartridge filter: 


  1. Hose it off with water 
  2. Soak it for 24 hours in a detergent solution
  3. Soak it in an acidic solution
  4. Use a spray cleaner and rinse with water after 10-15 minutes


The problem with using water alone is that it doesn’t effectively remove embedded debris that has been lodged within the filter media. Soaking the filter in a detergent solution can be time-consuming and still may not completely remove all build-up. Acidic solutions break down the build-up, but they also break down the fibers of cartridge filters, as well as the glue on the bands of the filter, compromising the filter’s integrity.

Using a spray cleaner is typically the preferred cartridge filter cleaning method, but many spray cleaners are acidic and can have the same negative effects on filters as acidic soak methods. FILBUR offers an alternative with PURE ‘n CLEAN Cartridge and DE Filter Cleaner. 

Their proprietary blend uses a catalytic enzyme to release calcium and break down oils, clearing them from the filter fibers and leaving them easily rinsed away. In fact, PURE ‘n CLEAN has been proven to release 95% of the calcium and oil trapped in cartridge filters.

Regular filter cleaning is an essential part of pool and hot tub ownership and additional cleaning is needed after heavy pool/spa usage or following storm activity. 

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