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Maintain a Consistent Flame In Windy Weather

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Sitting outside around a fire is one of the great comforts in life. And having a dazzling fire pit or fire table in an outdoor space makes it easy to relax around the cozy flames at practically any time. Unfortunately, on a windy day that roaring fire becomes inconsistent and weak, which generally defeats the purpose of sitting around the fire.

The American Fire Glass Flame Guard was created to solve that exact issue. Made from tempered glass panels held together by fire-resistant aluminum brackets, these fire shields block gusts that would otherwise disturb a fire table/fire pit flame, while maintaining sight lines. 

american fire glass flame guard on fire pit

American Fire Glass Flame Shields come in a variety of sizes and in rectangular and round shapes. The rectangular guards stand at 6 inches high and the round guards stand at 8 inches high. The sizes and shapes are made to perfectly fit American Fire Glass fire pans and burner covers, but they can also be used on a range of other fire pits/fire tables as well.

With a flame guard attached around the flame portion of a fire feature, the fire is shielded from wind gusts so that flames remain strong and stable. If you’re installing a fire table or fire pit in an area that is likely to get some wind, adding an American Fire Glass Flame Guard is a simple and effective solution to maintain the stunning effect.


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