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Paradise Spa Vac Offers Simple, Economical, and Effective Spa Care

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With spas often seeing year-round use, it’s no wonder that spa owners are often looking for ways to simplify pool care. That said, they also want their hot tub care to be cost effective. The Paradise Spa Vac by Rola-Chem Corporation not only meets these needs, it exceeds them.

The Paradise Spa Vac is an incredibly simple to use tool that thoroughly removes debris from spa water. Even better, this fully assembled tool is easy to set up and economical to run, requiring no batteries and no water hook up. 

To use, spa owners simply place their thumb over the end cap of the tool and submerge it in the spa water over the debris to be removed, then take their thumb off the end. The spa vac suctions all of the debris and traps it in the debris chamber. The debris chamber is made of clear polycarbonate, so users can see what has been removed. 

Paradise spa vac

While the Paradise Spa Vac may look unassuming, it’s powerful enough to collect pennies, small rocks, marbles, and sand. Once all of the debris has been removed from the spa, users simply remove the tool from the water and allow the water to drain out of the tool back into the spa. The debris stays in the collection chamber. Then, the debris chamber can simply be twisted off and emptied and the filter rinsed. 

The Paradise Spa Vac traps 99.9 percent of debris. The tool’s telescopic handle allows spa owners to easily clean debris from the deepest corners of a hot tub or even in a swimming pool. 

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