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Outdoor Upgrades for Extended Enjoyment

outdoor upgrades for fall and winter enjoyment

As fall’s crisper air sets in and winter approaches, many homeowners start thinking of an outdoor space as just a fair-weather haven. But with the right outdoor upgrades, they can turn it into a year-round retreat. 

Sustaining a comfortable temperature outdoors during fall and winter is essential to enjoyment. Without proper heating, enjoying the outdoor space is an unattainable goal. And fall and winter days are shorter, so people often entertain in the dark. That means that proper lighting is vital for both ambiance and safety. 

Enhancing Pool Lighting for Added Safety

With fewer daylight hours in the fall and winter, having proper lighting in the pool is essential. Effective lighting enhances visibility both in and around the pool, allowing swimmers to clearly see pool edges, depth changes, and other potential obstacles. 

In addition, traditional high-voltage pool lights can present potential hazards, especially if water manages to infiltrate the fixture or if any system malfunction occurs. By transitioning to a low-voltage 24V system, safety is enhanced. LED lights are also more durable and less prone to sudden burnouts, promoting consistent illumination. 


PAL™ Lighting’s 24V pool lights are an ideal upgrade, as they provide not only the necessary illumination and added safety, but also a touch of elegance. 

PAL Lighting’s industry’s leading UL listed swimming pool lights are revolutionizing remote control pool lighting and setting them apart from the competition. PAL Lighting offers a wide selection of in-pool and in-spa lights, as well as exciting options for pool water features like bubblers, scuppers, waterfalls, and deck jets.

In addition to their exceptional durability and eco-friendliness, PAL Lighting products offer stunning customization opportunities. With their ColorTouch technology, pool owners can choose from an impressive palette of 16 million colors to create the perfect ambiance.

Controlling the lights is effortless with the user-friendly remote control or smart device app. A simple finger swipe on the color wheel fine-tunes the setting or adjusts the brightness remotely. Additionally, the app allows for easy channel naming to control other pool equipment alongside the lighting.

Maximizing Comfort with Efficient Patio Heating

In the quest to extend patio entertaining through the fall and winter, it’s important to consider effective heating solutions. Among the options available, Timber Stoves patio heaters stand out as a powerful and efficient choice that can transform any outdoor space into a cozy haven.

When it comes to maximizing comfort and warmth on the patio during the fall and winter months, Timber Stoves offers a unique solution that goes beyond just heat. Their premium wood pellet-fired outdoor patio stoves are thoughtfully designed, focusing on safety, convenience, and sustainability.

Key Features of Timber Stoves Patio Heaters

Reliable Warmth: 

Timber Stoves’ wood pellet-fired patio stoves are crafted to ensure consistent and reliable warmth on any patio. Their expert design guarantees a toasty outdoor space, even on the coldest days.

Smokeless Burn Time: 

One of the standout features of Timber Stoves’ heaters is their incredible three-hour smokeless burn time. This extended burn duration means users can savor hours of warmth without worrying about excessive smoke.

Easy Ash Cleanup: 

Timber Stoves has taken convenience into account, making ash cleanup quick and easy. The design of their stoves simplifies the process, ensuring that maintenance is hassle-free and efficient.

Eco-Friendly Heating: 

Timber Stoves takes environmental sustainability seriously, offering an eco-friendly heating technology that keeps outdoor spaces warm and inviting. 

Total Heat Coverage: 

These stoves provide comprehensive heat coverage, ensuring that everyone stays warm and comfortable throughout outdoor gatherings. Even better, the heaters are completely portable, as they do not require electricity.

Stainless Steel Safety Cages: 

Safety is paramount, and Timber Stoves has integrated stainless steel safety cages into the design of their patio heaters. Not only do these cages add a striking style to any patio, but they also provide added peace of mind.

Extended Outdoor Season: 

With the addition of Timber Stoves patio heaters, homeowners are able to extend their outdoor entertaining season well into the colder months. Invite guests for cozy winter gatherings, host intimate fireside chats, or simply enjoy some solitude with a good book on a comfortably heated patio.

Adding a New Heat Pump for Extra Warmth

In regions with temperate winters, integrating a pool heat pump can be a game-changer for an outdoor space. Heat pumps are designed to efficiently extract heat from the air, boost it and then transfer that heat to the pool water, ensuring a comfortable swimming experience well beyond the summer months and protecting equipment through the winter.

The innovative PAL™ Even Heat heat pumps are revolutionizing the swimming pool industry with their advanced technology for efficient and quiet heating and cooling. The Even Heat Inverter control system ensures optimal performance and noise reduction by precisely adjusting the compressor’s speed. The intelligent and automatic operation saves energy and keeps the pool running silently. 

With double the energy savings compared to traditional ON/OFF systems, the Even Heat inverter Heat Pump is a game-changer. The Spiral Titanium heat exchanger maximizes the heat exchange area by 30 percent and with some of the models they operate down to 5°F! In most of the areas of California, that means you can run these heat pumps year round, saving thousands in energy costs.

This method is not only energy-efficient but also environmentally friendly, making it a great choice for pool owners who are conscious of their carbon footprint. Incorporating a heat pump helps pool owners make the most of their investment in what is typically the swimming off-season.

Embracing Grilling in the Cooler Months

There’s something unbeatable about being in the crisp air, a warm beverage in hand, and the enticing aroma of food sizzling on the grill. That’s where Bull® Premium Outdoor Grills come into play, setting the stage for a memorable outdoor culinary experience.

The Advantages of Bull Premium Grills:

Bull’s Premium Outdoor Grills are celebrated worldwide for their superior performance, construction, and design. They have earned the praise of top chefs, making them the choice for those who are passionate about outdoor cooking.

One of Bull’s most remarkable innovations is the introduction of ReliaBULL technology. Developed in collaboration with engineering experts from California Polytechnic State University, ReliaBULL is a game-changing advancement that takes outdoor grilling to a whole new level.


With the right upgrades homeowners can transform their outdoor space into a safe and comfortable place for year-round enjoyment. 

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