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CalHypo – Powerful Water Sanitizing, Significant Water Saving

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Commercial pools see a lot of heavy usage. And with heavy usage typically comes heavy maintenance, unless there is an innovative system in place that dramatically boosts efficiency and accuracy. CCH® Elite feeder system does just that and is customizable to suit both small and large commercial pools. Even better, the system is a serious water saver.

The Elite feeder system is a high capacity erosion (HCE) system that offers a reliable, practically hands-off method for disinfecting commercial pools and keeping them clear, sparkling, and safe. The Elite feeder provides a simple way to consistently dispense chlorine to a commercial pool with greatly reduced need for monitoring. Elite is also highly durable — built to withstand powerful sanitizing chemicals.

cch elite system


The calcium hypochlorite tablets used in the CCH Elite feeder system are more concentrated and powerful than liquid chlorine, but their compact size and dry texture make them easy to store and handle. The tablets combine with water within the unit to create pure, concentrated liquid chlorine, dispensed in accurate doses, that is ideal for thorough sanitizing of commercial swimming pools.

As far as water saving goes, unlike liquid chlorine which leaves behind sodium chlorate as it breaks down, CalHypo contributes lower levels of TDS (total dissolved solids), which means less water lost to draining each year. One pound of CalHypo is equal to one gallon of liquid chlorine. One gallon of liquid leaves approximately 17 ppm of salt per gallon of chlorine in a 10K gallon pool; this drastically increases the salt/TDS levels in a commercial pool.

CCH Endurance tablets include a scale inhibitor which results in less maintenance. Their alkalinity balancing capabilities help keep the pH stable,  which results in clear, safe and inviting water. Elite’s calcium hypochlorite tablets offer a consistent form of sanitizer for commercial pools. They also boost calcium in the water, which helps protect plaster.

The Elite unit itself is compact and lightweight, so it is easy to handle. And further contributing to the system’s overall appeal, users save when ordering refill tablets, as they are so small and concentrated. 


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