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How to Simplify Water Testing and Boost Accuracy

aquachek water testing

Water care is a part of pool ownership that practically every pool owner would love to simplify, particularly if there is a way to boost water testing accuracy in the process. Select Connect by AquaChek®, offers pool owners exactly that option. 

It’s important to note that not all water testing tools/equipment are the same. While many water analysis options are unreliable, AquaChek, which is owned by Hach®, is very different. Hach has been in the water analysis industry for more than 80 years. Hach’s mission has always been to innovate and simplify water analysis. All of the AquaChek products reflect these goals. 

Select Connect is a free (no registration required) app that pool owners download to their smart devices to make water testing quick and easy. Users simply dip a Select Connect testing strip into the pool water, wait 15 seconds and then snap a photo of the strip results. Using color matching technology, the app analyzes the results and gives water treatment recommendations customized for the pool’s current water conditions.

instructions on how to water testing diagram

The app is easy to follow, providing basic instructions on how to use the Select Connect kit and clear results and chemical advice for balancing the pool water. It’s important to note that the app needs to be used with the Select Connect testing strips specifically, as they support the photo capture technology within the app. 

aquachek select connect

AquaChek Select strips are 7-in-1, checking the levels of total chlorine (or bromine), free chlorine, total hardness, pH, total alkalinity, and cyanuric acid. In addition to getting personalized chemical recommendations, if pool owners would like added assistance with water balancing, the app offers the option to email the test results to a local pool care professional.

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