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Solaxx Renaissance Combines the Sanitizing Power of UV Light and Ozone

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Pool owners want water sanitation that is both easy and highly effective. Solaxx, by AquaComfort Solutions, creates affordable and user-friendly pool sanitation systems for residential swimming pools. Their main focus is on improving the water care experience for both pool owners and service professionals. The Solaxx team is constantly seeking innovative methods to make water care management simpler, while maintaining exceptionally high-quality results. 

The team is dedicated to developing products that stand out in the market by offering both innovation and unmatched value. A commitment to honesty and transparency in all aspects of the business, including advertising, product claims, warranty procedures, and customer relations, are always a top priority at Solaxx. 



Solaxx Renaissance combines an Ultraviolet Sterilization Chamber with pure oxygen (Ozone), effectively eradicating up to 99.99 percent of water contaminants without using any toxic chemicals, metals or minerals. Plus, its advanced technology can reduce pool chemical usage by up to 80 percent, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for maintaining a pool.

As the pool pump moves water through the innovative Renaissance Chamber it results in water that’s sterilized to the same quality as drinking water. The Renaissance Chamber is designed to optimize water sanitation while minimizing interference with your other equipment. It is suitable for use with single, dual, and variable speed pumps. Best of all, the system utilizes pure light and oxygen, without any harmful chemicals, minerals, or metals. 

Renaissance’s specially designed ultraviolet lamp emits UV light and Ozone, effectively eliminating harmful bacteria and microorganisms. As water flows through the chamber, it is purified by the UV light, working in tandem with a transparent quartz sleeve that insulates and protects the lamp. The O3 is captured within the sleeve and injected into the water as it exits the chamber, ensuring maximum purification.



The Renaissance Power Supply features an intuitive command center with LED lights to easily monitor the status of the UV/Ozone chamber. The deep blue light around the power supply’s face allows pool owners to keep tabs on their system from a distance.


Unlock the full power of Solaxx products and connect with top industry manufacturers with the help of our expert pool and spa representatives. Simply reach out to us at or check out our territories map for more information.