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Enhancing the quality of the pool owner’s and pool service professional’s water care experience is at the forefront of Solaxx’s product development. The company is continually looking for ways to further simplify and improve water care.

With the idea of being a small team that could deliver big results, the Solaxx group got to work creating products that bring notable benefits to pool owners and service professionals. The goal was and still is to innovate — producing products that add value, uphold quality, and have not yet been seen in the industry.

As the manufacturer of cutting-edge Chlorine Generators, Ozone, and UV systems, Solaxx lives by their motto, “The Power of Clean”. They adhere to the most stringent of design, development, and manufacturing standards — always with the customers’ needs at the top of their minds.

Headquarters Location:
601 N. Congress Ave. Suite 311 Delray Beach, FL 33445

Solaxx Renaissance Combines the Sanitizing Power of UV Light and Ozone

Joe Horner |
June 12, 2023

Meet the best sales team in the industry.


Paul Matthews

Vice President

Jared Schwab

Regional Manager

Joe Horner

Regional Manager

Todd Schwab

Regional Manager

Korey Wax

Regional Manager

Sean Linderman

Regional Manager

Frank Quiros

Regional Sales Representative

Yosef Lanham

Regional Manager

Chad Newton

Marketing Consultant

Tim Dougherty