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Pool Upgrades to Take Care of this Fall

pool upgrades in the fall

While fall is a relatively short window to work on getting pool upgrades complete, it’s also generally a great time to take care of them. The climate is still fairly warm, but most pool owners are done with their pool parties for the season. Other time frames offer unique challenges when it comes to outdoor improvements, both big and small. Springtime often comes with rainy days that make outdoor projects a bit difficult to complete. Summer is when pools are used the most, making it harder for real modifications. Winter can also bring weather-related delays so, as we start seeing the leaves changing colors, we know it’s time to get busy with pool upgrades to take care of this fall.

Coating the Pool or Deck 

After swimming is done for the year, a quick draining of the water allows the opportunity for one of the most important pool upgrades to take care of this fall — coating the pool. Kelley Technical Coatings offers high-quality products that work with any inground pool, currently coated or uncoated. 


It’s vital to keep the water away from the reinforcing steel that lies within the concrete shell to prevent the chemicals in the pool water from reacting and eroding the metal. If a concrete pool is uncoated, any of the Olympic Pool Coatings available will work for coating the pool.

Plaster or Marcite

Just like with concrete, any of the Olympic Pool Coating products are compatible with a bare plaster or marcite pool. However, it is recommended that if the current surface of the pool features a rough texture, it should be primed with Gunzite and if the current surface is smooth, the primer should be POXOPRIME 2. 


After a Gunzite Primer has been applied to the uncoated fiberglass pool, either one coat of ZERON or two coats of POXOLON 2 will work. 

Previously Coated Pools

If the pool has been coated previously, the best option is to match the current coating with the new. If it’s unknown whether or not a pool is coated, or what the current coating product is, a 1” by 1” sample can be analyzed for a definitive answer. 

Installing Equipment 

No one wants to sacrifice precious pool time for a construction project, but everyone can benefit from adding a few special features and pool equipment. With Global Pool Products, it’s easy to get those wishlist pool upgrades completed before the chilly winter weather makes outdoor work more challenging.

Features for Fun

Pool slides, swim-up bars, games, and more — there are plenty of options that bring extra fun to the swimming pool. Adding these entertaining features to a swimming pool during the cooler fall months means they’ll be brand new and ready to use on the first day that allows for a swim session. 

Global Pool Products not only carries high-quality “fun” pool add-ons, but they also have safety equipment that is always a plus when it comes to aquatic activities. Ladders, railings, and their selection of inclusive pool accessibility products, such as pool lifts also work to take both residential and commercial pools to the next level. 

In addition to family-friendly pool equipment, swim-up bars are also a fantastic option to install in any inground pool. A swim-up bar is ideal for entertaining at pool parties or friendly get-togethers as swimmers never have to leave the water to enjoy refreshments. When it’s time to make a list of pool upgrades to take care of this fall, both recreational and safety features are worth consideration.

Sealing the Deck

Pools aren’t the only thing worth improving during the beginning of the off-season. The deck is an essential part of a swimming pool area and could definitely use some TLC for a quick fall upgrade to match the work done on the pool itself. Keeping the deck up-to-date with a high-quality sealant is vital, as it fills cracks and joints, protecting the surface from wear and tear from the pool’s water. 

Deck-O-Seal is an ideal product to do just that. This elastomeric polysulfide product comes in two parts. Once set, Deck-O-Seal provides a resilient weather-tight seal that maintains flexibility. The products are simple to mix and to work with.

Mixing Deck-O-Seal  

  • Assemble supplies (gloves, can opener, screwdriver, wooden paint stick)
  • Thoroughly read through product directions
  • Use the screwdriver to lift off the lid of the 1-gallon can
  • Use the can opener to remove the rim from the can
  • Stir the setting agent with a paint stick
  • Pour the setting agent into the 1-gallon can and mix for at least 10 minutes (look for uniform color to help determine when to stop mixing).
  • Tap the can on the ground to get rid of air bubbles
  • Shape the can to create a pour spout
  • Pour the product into the applicator bottle
  • Apply the product to cracks and joints for a lasting, flexible seal that withstands compression, stretching, heat, cold, and moisture

Adding Warmth and Ambiance

add warmth and ambiance to your pool and backyard with a fire table

Not all upgrades have to be about getting set up for the next swim season. Fall provides another fantastic opportunity for people to gather outside. Temperatures are usually cooler and people have returned home from vacation. Having a fire table means added warmth, as well as light so that homeowners can enjoy their outdoor spaces later in the day and into the evening.

That said, fall weather can be a little less temperate. Wind gusts inhibit flames, but by adding a flame guard users get a consistent and dramatically stronger flame. Flame guards are made from panels of tempered glass, created to fit around a fire table’s burner. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit a variety of fire tables. These guards not only block wind; a good flame guard also boosts a flame’s power.

Flame Guard Benefits:

  • Shields the flames from gusts of wind.
  • Allows a small amount of wind to enter at the bottom of the table that boosts the flames.
  • Reduces the amount of fuel needed to achieve a consistent flame.
  • Keeps the flame centered.
  • Adds a layer of protection for children, pets, etc. from the open flame.
  • Shields the outside of the fire pit from excess heat exposure, prolonging the lifespan of the fire table and protecting objects resting on the table.  

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