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Pool Maintenance Hacks

pool maintenance hacks

A sparkling and well-maintained pool is a source of joy and relaxation for any homeowner fortunate enough to have one. However, the maintenance required to keep a pool in top-notch condition can sometimes feel daunting, especially when faced with technical aspects that may be unfamiliar to the average pool owner. On that note, let’s delve into the world of pool maintenance, sharing some insider tips that go beyond the basics. These pool maintenance hacks can help pool owners ensure their pool remains pristine and inviting year-round.

Stay Ahead of Algae

Maintaining proper water balance is fundamental for a safe and comfortable swimming environment, but when algae threatens to take over, restoring balance is a task that many pool owners find challenging. 

With a unique blend of minerals, PoolRX® dissolves quickly and forms a lasting residual in the water, ensuring that existing and future algae are eradicated. PoolRX also reduces chlorine demand by up to 50 percent. This means there is more chlorine available for other important uses, without the need for harsh chemicals. 

Only 0.5 – 1.0 ppm of free chlorine is needed to maintain optimal results. This makes PoolRX a smart choice for those looking to cut down on chlorine usage while still enjoying a sparkling clean pool.

Not only does PoolRX work well for traditional chlorine pools, but it’s also a game-changer for saltwater pools. By using PoolRX, saltwater pool owners can prolong the life of the salt cell, reduce the need for pH balancing acids, and keep bacterial growth and scale in check.

Brushing and Vacuuming Techniques

Routine brushing and vacuuming are essential for keeping pool surfaces clean and preventing the buildup of algae and debris. To take this task to the next level, some industry professionals suggest using a “four-quadrant” approach. 

This technique entails dividing the pool into four imaginary quadrants and dedicating equal time to brushing and vacuuming each quadrant during every cleaning session. This approach ensures thorough coverage and prevents overworking specific areas.



The renowned product line from A&B Brush MFG encompasses a wide range of stand-out brushes, including wall, tile, and deck brushes. Additionally, they offer specialty brushes and pads designed specifically to tackle the challenging nooks, as well as effortlessly eliminate stubborn algae buildup. 

Efficient Skimming Techniques

Skimming the water surface to remove debris is a routine task, but there’s an advanced technique that can significantly improve its effectiveness — tilt the skimmer net at a slight angle while skimming. This allows the net to cut through the water more efficiently, capturing debris before it has a chance to sink to the bottom. Pool owners should also be sure to use quality tools to ensure a proper cleaning.


Purity Pool is the number one manufacturer of superior swimming pool tools. Their range includes scoops, skimmers, leaf rakes, tile scrubbers, stain removers, and other specialty products. Their mission has always been to produce top-notch, long-lasting pool tools that simplify pool maintenance and achieve exceptional results. Purity Pool ensures that their products meet the highest standards. 

Circulation Optimization for Enhanced Filtration

Effective pool circulation is crucial for maintaining water clarity and preventing the buildup of debris. Industry professionals suggest that running the pool’s filtration system during off-peak electricity hours can not only save energy costs but also enhance the overall filtration process. A well-functioning pool pump is vital for maintaining water circulation and preventing stagnation. Pool owners should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Run Time: Run the pool pump for at least 8-12 hours a day during peak swimming season to ensure proper water circulation and filtration.
  • Variable Speed Pumps: Consider upgrading to variable-speed pumps that allow you to adjust pump speed based on specific needs, saving energy and prolonging pump life.

The Century EVO VS motor is designed to meet or exceed current DOE standards; this motor provides exceptional power and efficiency. No extra wiring or plumbing is required to install the EVO VS motor. It seamlessly replaces almost all pool pumps on the market and maintains the same footprint for all available powers.

It’s over 80 percent more efficient compared to standard single-speed motors. The EVO VS motor allows users to program optimal running times and control the system with just a push of a button. Built to endure harsh climates and varying temperatures, this motor is a reliable choice. It is compatible with automation systems from different manufacturers and features dual voltage sensing for easy electrical compatibility.

The Power of Pool Shock

Routine shocking, or super chlorination, helps eliminate chloramine build-up (combined chlorine), destroy contaminants, and maintain chlorine effectiveness. Pool owners should perform a shock treatment every 1-2 weeks, especially during periods of heavy use or after heavy rainfall.

  • Types of Shock: Choose between calcium hypochlorite, sodium dichlor, or non-chlorine shock based on the pool’s needs and user preferences.
  • Dosage: Follow manufacturer instructions for shock treatment dosages based on the pool’s size and current chlorine levels.

GLB® multi-purpose shock formulas are specifically designed to create a pristine and inviting swimming environment. With GLB’s time-tested and trusted research, pool owners can trust that the shocks will get the job done on the first try, allowing swimmers to quickly resume enjoying the pool.

UV-C Sanitization

Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) sanitization is a cutting-edge method employed by pool professionals to reduce the reliance on traditional chlorine-based sanitizers. UV-C light effectively neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and algae by disrupting their DNA. Integrating a UV-C system into a pool’s circulation can enhance water quality and reduce the overall chemical load.

Solaxx’s cutting-edge ultraviolet (UV) and ozone technology are specifically engineered to eradicate harmful bacteria, viruses, and unwanted contaminants that can infiltrate the pool. By harnessing the power of UV rays and ozone, Solaxx products effectively annihilate microorganisms at their molecular level, providing pool owners with water that is not only exceptionally clean but also completely sanitized.

Smart Water Chemistry Management

Technology has revolutionized pool maintenance, introducing smart devices that monitor and manage water chemistry with precision. Explore options such as:

  • Smart pH Controllers: These devices automatically adjust pH levels by adding acid or base as needed, ensuring a stable pH environment.
  • ORP Controllers: Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) controllers help maintain optimal sanitizer levels by regulating the chlorine output of saltwater chlorinators or chlorine generators.

The Rola-Chem PPM Controller with communication is an innovative solution that revolutionizes pool maintenance. This cutting-edge system streamlines the process by automatically monitoring and adjusting chemical levels. Equipped with advanced sensors and communication features, it delivers precise and real-time information about the pool’s water chemistry.

Simplify Pool Maintenance with a Fully Agnostic System

Maintaining a pool can sometimes feel intimidating to pool owners. The Attendant is a groundbreaking automation system that keeps an eye on the pool’s equipment, water quality, and temperature, ensuring that the swimming area is always ready for a dip.

Thanks to Poolside Tech’s patented technology, pool owners can eliminate time-consuming upkeep and expensive energy bills. The Attendant is designed to optimize the energy efficiency of pool systems by intelligently analyzing when and how each piece of equipment should be used. This means tangible cost savings for homeowners and a reduction in environmental impact.

The Attendant takes into account factors like desired temperature and weather forecast, so pool owners don’t have to worry about wasting electricity or gas. And, when paired with The Attendant + Chemistry, it becomes the ultimate automated solution, taking care of managing filter systems, sanitizers, pH balance, and alkalinity levels. 

The Attendant’s advanced technology capabilities detect issues like algae or extra heavy use in the pool before they become problematic. It automatically adjusts filtration run times for optimal energy efficiency, making pool maintenance a breeze.

The mobile app offers an easy-to-understand view of the pool system, allowing even the least tech-savvy user to confidently control their equipment without fear of making dangerous mistakes that could cause damage or affect water quality.

Regular Professional Inspection

While many pool owners take pride in managing their pool maintenance, regular professional inspections are invaluable. Pool service technicians possess the expertise to identify potential issues that might go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Regular inspections can catch minor problems before they escalate into major and costly repairs.


At Alpha West, we recognize the importance of equipping pool industry professionals with the very best products the industry has to offer. We also provide hands-on training and expert advice. If you want to know more about what we do and the top-tier products and manufacturers we work with, feel free to reach out to us at You can also check out our territories map to find the pool manufacturer representative for your area.