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The Role of Technology in a Modern Pool

Modern pool

As technology continues to shape our daily lives, its influence is ever expanding in the realm of swimming pools. From enhancing safety and convenience to optimizing energy efficiency and maintenance, technological advancements have revolutionized the way pools are operated and enjoyed. 

Automated Systems and Remote Control

One of the most significant advancements in pool technology is the integration of automated systems and remote control functionality. Automation allows pool owners to control various aspects of their pool, such as lighting, temperature, filtration, and water features, with the touch of a button. Through user-friendly interfaces or smartphone apps, pool owners can conveniently monitor and adjust pool settings from anywhere, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency.

Automated systems streamline maintenance tasks by scheduling routine operations like filtration, chemical dosing, and cleaning cycles. This ensures that pool water remains clean, balanced, and safe with minimal effort from the owner. Additionally, automated systems can provide real-time notifications and alerts, allowing for immediate response to any issues that arise, such as low water levels or equipment malfunctions.

Poolside Tech has revolutionized the pool ownership experience with their innovative automation technology, The Attendant. This cutting-edge system empowers pool owners to effortlessly create their dream backyard oasis with the touch of a button. From adjusting pool lighting to controlling water temperature and equipment settings, everything can now be controlled conveniently from a smart device. 

Energy-Efficient Equipment

Energy efficiency is a growing concern for pool owners due to its environmental impact and long-term cost savings. Modern pool technology offers a range of energy-efficient equipment options that significantly reduce energy consumption without compromising performance.

Pool Pumps

Variable-speed pumps, for example, adjust their motor speed to match the required flow rate, resulting in substantial energy savings compared to traditional single-speed pumps. The Speck BADU® Pro UVS Series is a high-flow pump that offers exceptional performance with a universal automation control board, making communication with all major equipment manufacturers a breeze. 

With various options ranging from 1.65 to 2.7 THP VS, installation and maintenance are made easy by the quick disconnect unions for suction and discharge. It’s also Energy Star compliant. The four-bolt design and handle ensure hassle-free servicing, while digital inputs simplify automation connectivity. 

LED Lighting

LED lighting systems provide bright illumination while consuming a fraction of the energy used by traditional incandescent or halogen lights. From in-pool lights to water features like bubblers and waterfalls, PAL Lighting offers a wide range of LED products that are not only long-lasting and durable but also safe and eco-friendly. 

PAL Lighting’s ColorTouch technology allows pool owners to customize the ambiance with an astounding 16 million color options. And for even more control and convenience, PAL Lighting can be paired with Poolside Tech and DMX Tech. With just a touch of a button, pool owners can adjust the brightness, choose specific lights, and create mesmerizing effects.

Pool Heating

Advanced pool heat pump systems utilize renewable energy to warm pool water, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing operational costs. And when it comes to the best heat pumps in the industry, pool owners need look no further than AquaComfort Solutions

With their industry-leading, energy-efficient design, these heat pumps can heat water even in temperatures as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, with Poolside Tech’s automation, pool owners can set timers, control the temperature, and more, all from their smart device using The Attendant.

Water Treatment and Sanitization

Maintaining clean and sanitary pool water is crucial for the health and enjoyment of swimmers. Technological advancements in water treatment and sanitization have made pool maintenance more efficient and effective.

Saltwater chlorination systems have gained popularity due to their ability to generate chlorine from salt, eliminating the need for manual addition of chemicals. This not only ensures consistent sanitization but also reduces the harsh chemical smell and skin irritations associated with traditional chlorination methods.

Innovative salt systems effortlessly convert salt into chlorine to effectively disinfect pool water. By harnessing the power of electrolysis, these systems produce chlorine through a chemical reaction, eliminating the need for manual chlorine application.

The numerous benefits of these systems include reduced maintenance and cost savings. Pool owners can eliminate many tedious pool ownership tasks and enjoy a more relaxed swimming experience. They also prevent the buildup of calcium and minerals, extending the life of pool equipment.

Solaxx Salt Systems, when combined with Poolside Tech’s automation system, effortlessly monitor salt levels and make adjustments with the touch of a button. Pool owners can enjoy simple control and peace of mind.

Smart Water Monitoring and Control

Maintaining balanced water chemistry is vital for swimmers’ comfort and safety. Smart water monitoring systems utilize sensors and digital technology to continuously measure and analyze key parameters, such as pH, chlorine levels, and temperature. These systems provide real-time data and send notifications or alerts when chemical levels deviate from the desired range.

Integrated with pool automation systems, smart water monitoring allows for precise control and adjustment of chemical dosing, ensuring optimal water quality. This technology simplifies pool maintenance by eliminating guesswork and minimizing the need for manual testing and adjustments.

Rola-Chem provides a range of equipment designed to streamline pool chemical monitoring and dosing. Their peristaltic pumps are the heart of the systems, offering precise dosing without the need for constant manual adjustment. Users simply connect the pumps and let them deliver liquid chlorine to the pool in carefully calibrated increments, as determined by the pool owner or the pool service technician.

To further enhance convenience, they also offer controllers that monitor chemical levels and can control two sanitizer sources simultaneously. These controllers work in conjunction with their peristaltic pumps to ensure optimal chemical levels in the pool.

For easy installation of a complete Rola-Chem system, the company offers ready-to-mount systems that combine both the pump(s) and controller. 

Enhanced Safety Measures

Technology has greatly enhanced safety measures in modern pools, providing peace of mind for pool owners and swimmers alike. Pool alarms and motion sensors can detect unauthorized entry or accidental falls, triggering audible alerts or notifications to the pool owner’s smartphone. Some systems are capable of distinguishing between pool activity and external disturbances, reducing false alarms.

Innovative pool covers with motorized mechanisms offer increased safety and convenience. These covers can be automatically deployed or retracted, providing a physical barrier to prevent access to the pool and minimizing the risk of accidents. 


By leveraging technology, pool owners can create a modern, efficient, and enjoyable pool environment that enhances the swimming experience while optimizing sustainability and convenience. Learn more about the superior range of pool and spa products and manufacturers we partner with at Alpha West. Contact our team of knowledgeable manufacturer representatives at